If you're vegan, knowing which chocolates to avoid is of vital importance over the holiday season. This is because many traditional Christmas chocolates in the UK are not vegan. This includes: Lindt chocolate Santas, After Eights, many classic advent calendars, celebration boxes, and even the UKs beloved Quality Streets.

Which Christmas Chocolates Are Vegan in the UK?

So, what makes chocolate non-vegan? Which Christmas chocolates are vegan in the UK? Keep reading this expert guide to find out all you need to know about vegan Christmas chocolates in the UK.

Are Christmas Chocolates Vegan?

Chocolate is only vegan when it doesn't contain any ingredients derived from animals. This includes milk products, egg products, honey and other dairy derivatives that are often used in the production of chocolate. Therefore, the simple answer is, if your chocolates contain any of these ingredients, they are not vegan.

However, don't lose hope! Most commercial chocolate manufacturers produce a variety of chocolates and ranges. Some include milk in the recipe and others use alternatives such as soya or rice milk instead. This means that many popular brands are not suitable for vegans, but some do have vegan ranges. There are also plenty of 100% vegan-friendly chocolate brands to choose from.

To make vegan chocolate, there are plenty of alternative ingredients that a growing amount of brands are utilising for a more plant-based and cruelty-free option.

Suitable Vegan Chocolate Ingredient Alternatives

Plain Dark Chocolate

Milk ingredients are not used in the production of pure dark chocolate. However, there may be some cross contamination with milk so it is wise to check labels before you eat any chocolate by reading all of the ingredients.

Vegan Milk Substitutes

Soya is the most commonly used alternative to using milk in chocolate production not just because it's healthy but also because of the rich flavour that it provides. Soya does not work well alone for dark chocolate so cocoa butter is also added to give it a creamy taste and texture.

Almond milk is also becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to cow's milk. Almond milk has a mild taste and its texture also makes it ideal for chocolate production.

Fruit & Nut Substitutes

There are many suitable vegan alternatives to milk in chocolate. This can include fruits (like orange) and nuts such as hazelnuts and almonds. Nuts are high in protein, their derivatives can be used as an alternative to dairy products.

Some of these alternatives also produce a healthier chocolate that is rich in fibre and antioxidants, helping to aid digestion and stabilise blood sugar levels. Key nut products often used as a vegan substitute include cocoa butter, coconut, almond paste and more.

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Which Christmas Chocolates are Vegan?

Divine Chocolate Mint Thins

If you're missing that nostalgic After Eight taste, Divine Chocolate are a fair trade, organic chocolate brand that exclusively produces dark chocolate mint thins, containing 100% cocoa solids and peppermint oil.

Hotel Chocolat Luxury Vegan Chocolate Box

For those who like to indulge in luxury chocolate, Hotel Chocolat create divine tasting dark chocolate delights. This Vegan Luxury Chocolate Box is ideal if you're hosting Christmas dinner for friends and family, or buying chocs as presents for vegan friends!

Mini 'Christmas Joy' Chocolate Gift Box

If you're looking for Christmas chocolates in miniature form, these Mini 'Christmas Joy' Chocolate Gift Boxes are vegan friendly! Just like the Hotel Chocolat Luxury Vegan Chocolate Box, but with more delicious choices, this variety pack contains delicious vegan dark chocolate delights.

D&D Dairy Free Chocolate Hollow Santa

Though classic Lindt Chocolate Santas are a Christmas favourite, they are unfortunately filled with milk and are therefore not vegan. For a tasty and nostalgic chocolate treat, this dairy-free hollow Santa is the perfect vegan alternative.

MooFree Dairy Free and Vegan Christmas Selection Box

For a chocolate gift that's perfect for sharing, Moo Free have created this dairy free and vegan Christmas selection box. This box contains a selection of dairy free chocolates to enjoy.

Salcombe Dairy Dark Taster Bars Selection Box

For those who love something a bit different, these delicious dark chocolate taster bars are made with pure cocoa that is 100% vegan. Great to share on Christmas day, with a range of mouthwatering flavours including mango and tangerine.

Monty Bojangles Vegan Truffle Advent Calendars

If you're looking for a luxury vegan alternative to the standard advent calendar, this Monty  Bojangles Vegan Truffles Advent Calendar is not one to miss! Dreamy and cruelty-free!

Cocoa Libre Vegan Milk Chocolate Santas & Reindeers

These Cocoa Libre vegan milk chocolate Santas and reindeers are a great gift or tasty snack over the festive season. The delicious milk chocolate is made without the use of animal products ensuring it's 100% suitable for vegans. These tasty chocolates are also in our Wonderful Vegan Christmas Chocolate and Snack Hamper.

The Wonderful Vegan Christmas Chocolate & Snack Hamper

For a different kind of luxury Christmas chocolate variety, the Wonderful Vegan Christmas Chocolate and Snack Hamper is an indulgent vegan alternative. The holiday chocolate box filled with savoury snacks is perfect for sharing after dinner at home or when visiting friends and family over the festive season!

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Looking For Vegan Christmas Chocolate Gifts?

At the Goodness Project, we specialise in vegan treats, gifts and snacks.

We offer a variety of vegan chocolates perfect for sharing over the christmas holidays, why not take a look through our vegan christmas hampers or the rest of our vegan hampers today? We even have some great options for vegan advent calendars, or if you're looking for a little something, we also have some great options for vegan secret Santa gifts.

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