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10 Healthy Vegan Snacks for Work

Quite often in times of stress, worry or lethargy at work we can be left reaching for snacks. And whilst those snacks may give us a sugar rush and taste good in the moment, the likelihood is that they’re only a temporary high and soon we’ll come crashing down, back to where we started.

How to Create a Vegan Friendly Workplace

In January 2020 UK Vegan Charity, The Vegan Society, published measures that corporations could take to make vegan friendly workplaces.  What they weren’t perhaps expecting was a global pandemic that would close offices around the world, and then in January of 2021, Veganuary reaching its highest number of participants since the event began. 

The 5 Best Vegan and Gluten Free Easter Eggs

Years ago, Easter presented very slim pickings for those who were vegan/and or gluten free with a sweet tooth. At best the supermarket aisle would have a selection of one or two choices, and often the online offerings weren’t readily available either, which sometimes meant looking on with envy across the Easter holiday period.
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