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Are Donuts Vegan? The Complete Lowdown + Recipe

To follow up on our last blog that asked whether dark chocolate was vegan or not, today we’re turning our attention to another commonly asked vegan question, and it’s to do with one of the nations favourite sweet treats: Donuts.

Is Dark Chocolate Vegan? Our Top 10 Picks

In answer to the question “is dark chocolate vegan?” The resounding answer should be: Yes! Typically dark chocolate is made with no milk, unlike its milk and white chocolate counterparts.

Top 10 Vegan Staycations

The trends for the 2021 travel season are pointing conclusively to one outcome: The rejuvenated rise of the classic British staycation. It’s expected that in 2021 the British seaside resorts will be bustling, with some campsites in popular locations like Dorset, Devon and Cornwall reporting that they’re 300% up on bookings year on year and have had to turn away hundreds of customers due to being fully booked. But this left us at the Goodness Project with a question: Amongst all the surge in staycation bookings, which would be the best vegan staycation for 2021?
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