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Employee appreciation gifts are a great way to boost workplace morale as well as showing your employees that you really appreciate how hard they work and you genuinely care about their well-being!

Your Guide To Sustainable Employee Gift Ideas

With workplace well-being being a huge part of working life for both office workers and remote employees, what better way to express gratitude than a sustainable employee gift box or gift hamper?

At The Goodness Project, our bespoke corporate hampers are perfect for companies looking for ethical and sustainable gifting which won't hurt the environment! If you need employee gifts which are plant-based or gluten free you've also come to the right place!

Packed with delicious treats and sustainable gifts, here's our guide to the best corporate gifts for a happy company culture!

Why sustainable gifts are the best choice for your business

Gifting eco-friendly goods can inspire your staff and customers to take action toward being more environmentally friendly if your company values sustainability and wants to have an impact.

It promotes these goods and the beneficial work that these companies do. Furthermore, if your company is considered to be supporting particular goods and sustainable substitutions, it sets a good example.

Furthermore, sustainable gifting exemplifies these principles and demonstrates that they are actually at the core of your organisation if sustainability is one of your company's key values. Getting a hamper tailored to them with the company logo on can help but a sense of pride and confirm they are part of something. You can even work with a logo designer to make something bespoke for each employee depending on your team size.

In addition to being a simple method to uphold your company's beliefs and promote sustainable enterprises, it also enhances the reputation of your organisation.

According to a survey, 65% of participants indicated they would be more likely to work for an organisation with more environmental policies.

The 7 Best Sustainable Employee Gift Ideas

1. The Vegan Afternoon Tea Hamper

This vegan-friendly hamper is the perfect gift for tea enthusiasts. It comes packaged in our upscale gift box and even includes a miniature bottle of Bottega Gold Prosecco for that extra special addition.

Let them relax and indulge a bit more with a slice of delicious apple loaf cake and almond and sea salt chocolate truffles! The contents of The Vegan Afternoon Tea Hamper are completely plant-based and sustainably sourced making it an ideal great gift for your eco-conscious employees.

2. 'Organic Gin Sensation' Gin and Tonic Gift Set

If you're looking for more personalised gifts then this is the one for all the gin lovers in your company! Gin has been the alcoholic spirit of the season and it's not leaving the scene anytime soon.

The Organic Gin Sensation Gin and Tonic Set features Dà Mhile Organic Botanical Gin partnered with Fever Tree tonic for an all natural tipple!

There's even some mouth-watering extras like organic olives and lime infused dark chocolate for those who like to pair their evening drink with something sweet.

3. Fabulous Artisan Goodness Hamper

The Fabulous Artisan Goodness Hamper is the best option for workers who deserve a more extravagant snack.

This artisan collection mixes a variety of delectable flavours into one gorgeous classic wicker picnic basket. It includes a selection of red and white wine, a rich drinking chocolate, melt-in-your-mouth truffles from Booja Booja, and lovely crumbly biscuits.

Not to mention the tasty treats! This present gives your staff a taste of the finer things in life by including scrumptious Greek olives, organic crisps, and chia seeds. This allows them to splurge on a little luxury without feeling bad about taking a break from their hectic workday!

4. Fantastic Snacktastic Hamper Gift Box

This Fantastic Snacktastic Hamper is filled with organic crisps, scrumptious ethical chocolate, oat balls, and other delightful snacks. It's the ideal method to offer support for employees who are trying to keep on track with a healthy diet!

And as an extra plus, once all of the nutritious snacks have been consumed, the keepsake gift box provides for a convenient snack storage option for your office! This is certainly one of the best employee appreciation gifts!

5. Vegan Craft Beer and Snack Hamper

Craft beer fans will adore this amazing selection of vegan beverages and munchies! There is something for everyone in this Vegan Craft Beer Hamper, which includes a delectable variety of organic elderflower-infused pale ale, a juicy, hop-forward IPA with organic New Zealand Motueka and Cascade hops, a calm tropical citrus session IPA, and of course a good old-fashioned lager.

Your employee morale will be sky high when they can enjoy a wonderful evening at home with the extensive assortment of vegan food and nibbles that have been chosen to go with the beers!

6. Pamper Hamper Gift Box

This is ultimately one of the best gifts you can buy for your employees as they relax and unwind after a busy day! Your office team will be blown away when they find one of these at their desk or delivered by post to your remote workers, spoiling them with the Pamper Hamper Gift Box.

The items in this collection were hand-selected to be the best and most ethical that you can find. All natural and organic, ideal for vegan and gluten-free presents.

7. Classic Christmas Hamper

We can’t talk about gifts without mentioning Christmas! It will certainly be the most wonderful time of the year when your employees receive the Classic Christmas Hamper!

Nine delicious sweet and savoury goodies, as well as a delicious Wild stuff Organic Merlot, are included in this exquisitely presented Christmas hamper. Of course it’s not Christmas without chocolate, this hamper includes the most festive gingerbread caramel chocolate and salted almond chocolates!

There’s no doubt you’ll be on the nice list with this jolly well delicious corporate hamper. Need more Christmas gift ideas for employees or colleagues?

Looking for more corporate gifts for employees?

Whether you're buying holiday gifts for your employee's time off or want to treat the whole team we have a variety of options for bespoke corporate hampers.

Our hampers, which are filled with a variety of sweet and savoury goodies, offer the ideal gift for any occasion—not just for employees!

Since we set up our business in 2013, our goal has been to build a sustainable business that puts the planet, people and products at the forefront. 

By packaging every order to order, we create minimal waste and don’t use excess energy or space to store stock. We also work with couriers who have the lowest carbon footprint in the UK, so you can always be sure that our sustainability efforts are up to scratch. Alternatively if you're looking for a little something you can check out our range of eco friendly gifts.

Take a look at our full range of gift hampers today!

Employee Gift Ideas FAQs

Why choose sustainable employee gifts?

Sustainable gifting encourages waste reduction and a greener lifestyle in your customers and staff. They can also assist you in expressing your values as a company, improving your employer value proposition. A surprise, sustainable snack box for remote employees is almost the perfect gift in our opinion.

What to gift someone who loves the environment?

You should look for products that use biodegradable ingredients, recyclable or compostable packaging, sustainable, plant-based, or repurposed materials when purchasing eco-friendly gifts. Environmental benefits come from using reusable things instead of single-use ones.

Why are corporate gifts important?

Giving corporate presents is a great approach to establish and maintain connections with everyone you meet. A token of gratitude and appreciation will help to keep your business at the forefront of everyone's mind while also letting your clients and staff know that you value them and are always there for them.


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