Once again, it's that time of year when you just want to curl up in bed and let the festive season begin! The Christmas season draws near, just as cold as it gets outside. The celebration of savouring wonderful food and exchanging gifts with our loved ones as a way of showing them how much we care.

10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Employees & Colleagues

Christmas brings delight to many outside our own family. However, we also celebrate the same happiness with everyone in our many places of work.

And let's say you are in charge of overseeing an outstanding workforce or run a company. If so, corporate gifts and gifts for clients are a great way to show your coworkers and clients how much you value them.

We've compiled our very own employee gift guide filled to the brim with the best employee gifts for Christmas this year! Merry Christmas!

Why should I give employees Christmas gifts?

Christmas is a great time to take time out to appreciate your employees. Take a minute to reflect on the last year and express your gratitude to your coworkers for their efforts and assistance. In essence, the purpose of Christmas presents and rewards is to acknowledge the accomplishments of the organisation. Custom-designed hoodies, t-shirts or even sweets with unique inscription and image could show your appreciation and serve as a foundation of a long-term relationship by creating a feeling of connectedness to a community of like-minded people sharing the same core values and memorable moments.

Of course, even while we'd all want to believe that a Christmas reward is given purely out of generosity, in actuality they also have a function for the upcoming year. When executed effectively, they can really contribute to early-year morale boosts, which may result in longer staff retention.

We still have a few months until spring brightens our hearts after the holiday season is past. It's common for people to consider whether they could be doing something better somewhere else during the unavoidably gloomy months of January and February. Recalling a meaningful or creative gift hamper from an employer may serve as a helpful reminder to employees that they work for a company that values them and provides a positive work environment.

10 of the best Christmas gifts for employees

We have the best eco-friendly employee appreciation gifts and delicious gift baskets to show your employees how much you care!

Classic Christmas Hamper

Fabulous seasonal delights fill this perfect gift hamper! This exquisitely presented Christmas gift contains nine delectable and savoury items, among them a delicious Wild Thing Organic Merlot. It is a definite favourite among coworkers and staff! enclosed in a lovely memento box with your custom gift message and a hand-tied ribbon.

Joy of Christmas Hamper Gift Box

Everyone deserves a Christmas tipple and the Bottega Gold Prosecco is the main attraction as it sets the ideal holiday mood. Every sip and taste of this special chocolate paired with a traditional mince pie brings back fond memories of Christmas past.

However, the celebration doesn't end there. Discover the mellow fusion of rich chocolate and zesty orange found in these delicious biscuits. Savour the distinct flavours of English truffle potato chips with carefully chosen chocolates, resulting in a delicious fusion of flavours and textures. Remember packs of flavoured nuts as a savoury contrast!

This festive gem is exquisitely packaged and aesthetically pleasing. Giving this gift basket, the 'Joy of Christmas Hamper Gift Box' epitomises festive pleasure and good cheer.

Artisan Christmas Wicker Hamper

Give your staff a delightful Artisan Christmas Wicker Hamper this holiday season. Tucked away in a pretty wicker basket are twelve wonderful Christmas sweets that are great to share or enjoy on your own.

This Christmas gift basket is fully recyclable which shows your employees your eco-consciousness as well as showing them how much you care!

Alcohol Free Classic Christmas Hamper

A delightful gift basket filled with delicious holiday delicacies! There are nine sweet and savoury goodies in this elegantly wrapped alcohol-free Christmas hamper, including a delectable non-alcoholic Festive Elderflower Sec.

Perfect employee holiday gifts for those who are alcohol-free!

Mini 'Christmas Joy' Chocolate Gift Box

This mouthwatering Little Christmas Chocolate box will make your employees' Christmases extra delightful. A delicious treat to enjoy this holiday season with colleagues, either as a present or shared. Presenting nicely with red tissue paper, it also makes a great stocking filler!

The Greatest Festive Hamper

This wicker hamper is a great option if you're searching for a hamper to feed the whole workforce!. An exquisite assortment of fifteen handcrafted culinary items, accompanied with an organic red wine bottle and an organic MontAlbano Prosecco from Italy. Savour a variety of salty and sweet sweets, as well as holiday staples like mince pies and Christmas tea, as well as a wide range of shareable and delicious snacks.

The Wonderful Christmas Chocolate & Snack Hamper

We've put together the ideal gift basket for snack lovers, and the mouth watering chocolates and nibbles inside will make them smile. With this exquisite assortment of goodies, the recipients will be spoiled for choice—a true basket of delights!

Every hamper is meticulously hand-packed and such gift baskets are presented in an entirely environmentally friendly memento gift box, all wrapped in fresh red tissue paper. Every item in The Wonderful Chocolate & Snack Hamper is made by hand, is gluten-free, and is vegan.

The Food & Living Christmas Cheese and Wine Hamper

A delicious holiday gift! Discover the pinnacle of vegan hamper luxury with this gorgeous VF&L Christmas hamper.

Located in the centre is a bottle of velvety Wild Thing Organic Merlot, which goes well with the strong, extra-mature taste of C'e vegan cheddar. Oloves' rosemary-marinated olives and Olina's Bakehouse's morish seed crackers are the standout items in this pair.

However, the excess doesn't end there. Savour the mouth watering Orange Chocolate with Ichoc almonds and the rich aromas of Cracking Christmas Chutney. A taste experience unlike any other is promised by the combination of the tangy kick of Harvest Moon Tomato Clusters, the sweet undertones of Pep & Lekker Apple Cinnamon Snack, and the smoky tones of Well and Truly Paprika Crunchies.

You can't have Christmas without cheese and wine!

Craft Beer and Snack Hamper

Vegan beer and food enthusiasts will be ecstatic with this amazing selection! This hamper has something for everyone, including a tasty assortment of organic pale ales infused with elderflower, a juicy, hop-forward IPA made with organic Motueka and Cascade hops, a relaxing tropical citrus session IPA, and of course a classic bigger.

Savour the wide array of vegan appetisers and nibbles that have been carefully chosen to go well with the beers, and let your employees have a fantastic Christmas Eve in!

Team Celebration Bubbly & Bites Sharing Wicker Hamper

Celebrate your team's achievements over the past year with the Team Celebration Bubbly & Bites Sharing Wicker Hamper!

With a great assortment of both savoury and sweet goodies, this hamper is sure to satisfy every palate or dietary need.

Perfect for office Christmas parties or if you're taking part in a Secret Santa gift exchange! There's plenty of snacks to go around!

Looking for more corporate and employee Christmas hampers?

We hope you've enjoyed reading this employee's holiday gifts guide and we've given you some inspiration to spoil your workforce!

Sending employee gifts has never been so simple, and we have a variety of corporate gift baskets to fit your precise requirements and price range. We can even incorporate your company logo and send personalised gifts! Or if you're in the office consider our office snack delivery service to give your team some final day treats!

We can also take bulk orders and deliver these straight to your employees doors making them the perfect snack boxes for remote employees.

You can also consider digital gifts such as vouchers, gifts cards, virtual wine tasting sessions. Additionally, if you’re worried about clutter on your employees’ devices, consider including a tech-savvy option such as a subscription to a cloud storage service or a handy gadget for deleting duplicate photos

Take a look at our full range of gift hampers today!

Christmas gifts for employees FAQs

What do you get your employees for Christmas?

Christmas hampers and gift baskets are a great way to show your employees how much you appreciate them! Big or small, everyone loves a Christmas tipple or two accompanied by some festive snacks.

Should you buy Christmas gifts for employees?

Treating your employees at Christmas not only shows your festive spirit, but it can boost morale for the months following Christmas as your employees will remember how much you appreciate them.

What is an end of year gift for employees?

Gift cards, personalised presents, holiday bonuses, work gift basket ideas with themes, water bottles, and home office supplies are popular choices. Giving presents that reflect the preferences of your staff can boost their significance.


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