Christmas may be over, but that's no reason to stop giving corporate gifts for clients! Start the new year off the right way by showing how much you appreciate your clients with a thoughtful and creative gift basket, the best corporate gifts are the unexpected ones!

The 10 Best Corporate Gift Ideas For Clients

Corporate gifts can be given to clients on a variety of occasions, such as to thank them for their business, to commemorate a company milestone, or even to welcome new customers. For whatever reason, you need to show your partners how much you value them with gifts that have the wow factor!

More than half (52%) of gift recipients do business with a company after receiving a corporate gift. 

Give your clients a gift you know they'll love since you pay attention to their interests rather than simply the same old generic coffee cup or gift card. Take a look at the best corporate gift ideas for clients below!

Why is corporate gifting important?

Once a commercial partnership starts, trust is based on both parties' actions as well as their words. It is essential to keeping long-term clients as well as employees since it gives them the impression that a business cares about them. 

A gift conveys two crucial messages: It demonstrates to the receiver how much the business genuinely values them and presents a sign of who you are as a company. These kinds of actions demonstrate that you care for your customers and staff, which will strengthen mutual trust.

Almost 68% of businesses say that brand awareness is their priority when corporate gifting. 

Think back to a moment when a business partner or your company gave you a gift and recall your reaction. Did it make your relationship with them stronger? How you respond to that inquiry is heavily influenced by the moment you open the present. Offering a lovely gift-giving experience helps foster enduring loyalty and trust.

10 of the best corporate client gift ideas

Corporate gift giving doesn't have to be boring! If you want to stand out from the crowd in regards to your business gifts, take a look at these unique corporate gift ideas and food gift ideas:

The Fabulous Artisan Goodness Hamper

This exquisitely arranged gift perfectly captures the wonderful flavours of artisan products. Rich drinking chocolate, mouthwateringly crumbly biscuits, and Booja Booja's variety of melt-in-your-mouth truffles are all featured in this luxury gift basket. The savoury option is just as amazing! Try our delicious and silky Greek olives and gourmet Chia Seed Crisps. There's also a fantastic assortment of organic red and white wines.

Packaged in a classic wicker basket and accompanied by a personalised gift message, the perfect welcome gift to wow your clients!

Moet and Booja Booja Truffles Gift Set

The ultimate classic corporate gift, Champagne and truffles are the epitome of luxury when it comes to celebrating! Your clients can crack open this magnificent bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne and succumb to the irresistible assortment of Booja Booja Truffles. These rich vegan and organic truffles come in three delicious flavours: Almond Salted Caramel, Raspberry, and Fine de Champagne!

A perfect gift for those clients who appreciate the finer things in life!

San Vito Organic Red Wine Gift Box Hamper

Packed with premium organic and vegan goodies, this chic hamper gift package is sure to please. With a fantastic assortment of artisanal sweet and savoury treats, it showcases an organic Chianti Red Wine from Tuscany that has won numerous awards. For any special occasion, gift a client our Organic Red Wine Gift Box.

The Ultimate Wellness Pampering and Snack Hamper Gift Box

Nothing says gift giving more than a pamper and some yummy snacks! Food gift baskets with a relaxing candle and face mask? Yes please!

Every layer you peel back to reveal a fresh surprise that is sure to please is packaged in our stylish and environmentally friendly packaging.

You're making a statement when you select our gift box. It's an option for elegance, sustainability, and quality. A great gift to show you care for your clients and the environment!

'Supercharge' Healthy Natural Hamper Gift Box

We've carefully chosen a variety of delicious and nutritious snacks to include in our healthy hamper, including energy bars and flapjacks. Ideal for those who are conscious about their health but deserve to enjoy a delicious snack!

Mindful Moments: Tea Time Edition Wellbeing Hamper

This carefully curated assortment perfectly embodies wellbeing by combining the invigorating undertones of tea with decadent delights and pamper treats.

Each item in this hamper represents an all-encompassing plan for relaxation and revitalisation. Our Wellbeing Tea and Pamper Gift Box is an experience rather than merely a gift!

The Organic Goodness Wine Chest

There is something exciting for everyone in this wine chest. For your client's enjoyment, we have chosen six bottles of premium organic, biodynamic, vegan, and sparkling wines. From the world-class Austrian Pinot Noir Frizzante to the oak-aged Argentinean Tupungato Domaine Bousquet.

Displayed a high-end wooden box with removable dividers and a tray. Sending gifts has never been so easy!

The Organic Red Wine Wicker Hamper

Full of premium favourites, this wicker hamper exudes style and charm. Together with a variety of organic sweet and savoury treats including chocolate, tea, biscuits, jam, and other delectable sweet and savoury delicacies, it offers an award-winning organic, vegan Chianti Red Wine from Tuscany.

The Letterbox Friendly Healthy Snack & Tea Box

Each small box contains five healthy snack bars and five tea bags that are sealed to keep your clients going during the workweek. The ideal small box for a pick-me-up and to remind your clients you appreciate them!

Build Your Own Gift Box

Just simply select your chosen goodies, and we will elegantly present them in our renowned luxury gift box together with your personalised inscription, ready for the recipient to enjoy right away.

Personalised gifts are great for clients, business partners and new customers as they'll know you made the effort of choosing the treats yourself!

Looking for more unique corporate gifts?

If you're looking for custom corporate gifts, you need look no further than The Goodness Project. We have ready made corporate gift hampers or we can even work with you to create bespoke corporate hampers complete with your company logo.

Contact The Goodness Project today, and we'll put together the ideal corporate presents for your clients. We are the corporate gifting specialists.

Take a look at our full range of gift hampers today! 

Corporate gift ideas for clients FAQs

What is a professional gift?

Any gift presented to a professional contact, such as a colleague, supplier, client, or potential or new business partner, is considered a corporate gift. Corporate gifts may boost a company's reputation and show that it values its workers.

Should you give clients gifts?

Giving gifts to your clients has several advantages beyond just being a morally right decision. When you give gifts to your clients, they are more likely to notice you. Gifts are another effective way to show your existing and potential clients how helpful and kind you are.

Why are client gifts important?

Giving your clients presents is a great way to express gratitude and stay at the top of their minds about your company. Giving out business gifts to clients can increase revenue and client retention. Everyone wants a sense of significance. Your customers are partners, not simply consumers.


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