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Healthy Office Snack & Fruit Delivery Across The UK

We deliver delicious healthy snacks and fruit boxes to offices across London and the UK. Each Goodness snack box expertly designed by a nutritionist. Filled with a range of snacks, from flapjacks to popcorn to nut mixes, all from leading brands. 

So whether you’re a startup or one of the big boys, we want you to think about your team and how you treat them. Make sure you’re keeping them fueled as best you can. Our boxes will provide proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Helping to keep your team fuller for longer, and reducing sugar cravings. Helping them stay productive, not hangry.

You can order a one-off box or sign up for regular deliveries! We also offer a trial package for £85.


Have a one-off event or want to trial our services before signing up? The trial package is the perfect way to find out what we can offer you and to find out about your team's tastes and requirements. Get started and order yours today!

Nutty Nibble Box

- 25 scrumptious nut mixes


Bite Box

- 25 assorted healthy, gluten-free snack bars (flapjacks, protein bars, fruit & nut bars)


Nosh Box

- 20 assorted healthy crunchy snacks (popcorn, healthy crisps, fruit & veg crisps)


FREE Standard delivery 

Trial for only £85

Why choose us


    No more headaches in dealing with your office snacks. Order a one-off box with a click or set up a cost-effective regular delivery!

    We constantly search the market to find the best energy-boosting, natural snacks that are free from nasties and taste delicious. A mix of healthy & indulgent snacks will keep everyone at the office happy.

    We are committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of your business. We know from experience that balanced snack options mean staying fuelled for a long period of time.

    We offer a huge constantly rotating product selection that your employees are guaranteed to love. Tell us what your team likes and we will curate your boxes accordingly. We can also offer vegan, gluten-free and low sugar options.

    Give your employees convenient access to healthier foods so they can stay on site and to save them time and energy.

    Want regular delivery for your whole office or a one-off box to support a special event? Get in touch and we will find you the best combo for your needs. We don't require contracts or commitment, pause or cancel anytime, you are in control!


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