It might be time to start thinking about and anticipating Valentine's Day if you need some happiness and positive vibes to get you through the rest of the winter.

6 Ethical Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Loved One

Perhaps more than ever, it's crucial to enjoy the good moments of the year and spend as much time as possible with loved ones. Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to express your love and appreciation to your loved ones while also showing yourself some self love and kindness.

This is the ideal opportunity to express your love, gratitude, and appreciation, regardless of whether you're in a committed relationship, dating someone new, or simply wanting to show yourself some love.

But why is it important that we start to shop plastic free and sustainable valentine's day gifts? Valentine's Day is rife with unsustainable conventions, from foil balloons that don't break down to bouquets of flowers that will inevitably need to be thrown away. In fact, February 14, by itself, represents an increase of 9 million kilograms of CO2, plus everything “normally” released into our atmosphere.

Another reason Valentine's Day is so unsustainable is because so many products are made exclusively for it, frequently as novelty items, and have little use the rest of the year. Due to this, more individuals discard gifts after receiving them, increasing the amount of waste generated and aggravating the climate situation.

If you're in need of some ethical Valentine's day gifts have a look at our planet friendly and vegan friendly Valentine's gift ideas below!

Are sustainable Valentine's day gifts possible?

It shouldn't be necessary to sacrifice spending time with your loved one in order to live sustainably. You can stay away from unsustainable customs and think of more meaningful ways to observe Valentine's Day this year by adopting a more conscious and positive attitude towards the occasion.

You're already on course for a much more sustainable Valentine's Day if you give up the one-day novelty items, refrain from buying excessive amounts, and think carefully about something your sweetheart would enjoy and keep for a very long time!

6 ethical Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved one

We've compiled a list of eco-friendly gift suggestions for Valentine's Day if you're searching for something unique to express your love for your significant other and the environment. These presents were made responsibly and with consideration for the environment, so you may celebrate Valentine's Day with a clear conscience.

Flowers Prosecco and Chocolate Gift box

Nothing says I love you more than the classic duo of flowers and sweet treats! This beautiful gift of dried flowers, prosecco and mouth watering raspberry truffles is ideal for your loved one because it is all packaged together in a sophisticated eco friendly packaging.

The Flowers Prosecco and Chocolate Gift box is a fantastic sustainable alternative to the endless supply of supermarket flowers we see every year.

I Love You Romantic Quotes for the One You Love

A lovely compilation of valuable advice and potent declarations of love - It can be the ideal small addition to any of our gift boxes or hampers to demonstrate your thoughtfulness, this Valentine's Day.

This endearing book collects the heartfelt sentiments of famous romantics throughout history. A gift your valentine can keep forever, the I Love You Romantic Quotes Book says love in the best way possible.

Vegan Afternoon Tea Hamper

This Vegan Afternoon Tea gift set can make for a super romantic vegan friendly picnic opportunity, whether you choose to go outdoors or get cosy by the fire is up to you!

This vegan-friendly hamper is the ideal present for tea enthusiasts. It comes packaged in our upscale gift box and even includes a miniature bottle of Bottega Gold Prosecco for that extra special addition.

Love Vegan Snack Letterbox Gift

No matter where you are in the world, this adorable little vegan letterbox gift is the ideal way to let your loved one know you care. The recipient will undoubtedly be impressed by this delectable assortment of vegan, gluten-free, palm oil free and organic sweets!

You can deliver this directly to their door without any additional hassle because it fits through their letterbox!

Love Heart Trinket Dish

For your loved one to store their lovely jewellery, rings, and necklaces, a heart-shaped "Love" trinket tray made of porcelain is a thoughtful gift.

If you're looking for something small to add on to your eco friendly gifts for her, she's sure to appreciate the gorgeous designs of this cute jewellery tray.

Kabloom Birds, Bees & Butterflies Seedbom Gift Box

A plant lover's ideal fun gift for Valentine's Day, the Kabloom Birds, Bees & Butterflies Seedbom Gift Box not only blooms beautiful flowers, it's also completely biodegradable!

Pull the pin and scatter or drop Seedboms into garden spaces that need some colour, and watch the wildlife rush to your new eco friendly paradise!

Ethical Valentine's Day gifts FAQs

How do you give someone an eco-friendly gift?

You should look for products that use biodegradable ingredients, recyclable or compostable packaging, sustainable, plant-based, or repurposed materials when purchasing eco-friendly gifts. Environmental benefits come from using reusable things instead of single-use ones.

How can I be eco-friendly on Valentine's Day?

There are various methods to accomplish this in a way that is ethical, sustainable, and Earth-friendly. A few ideas to gift ethically on Valentine's Day include fair trade and vegan chocolates, sustainable jewellery, and plants or seeds.

What is conscious gifting?

Giving gifts with purpose supports issues that both you and the recipients of your gifts care about. Giving meaningful presents that last a long time or serve a purpose in someone's life rather than pursuing the newest and trendiest electronics might also fall under this category.

Looking For More Eco-Friendly Gifts For Her?

So, whether you're looking for a Valentine's Day present for them or just want to pamper yourself, ethical shopping is the way to go! Planet lovers and snack lovers alike will like our selection of cruelty-free, vegan presents. Browse our selection of environmentally friendly hampers as well!

You can also view our vegan and eco-friendly valentines shop with our full range of products listed.

We hope our list of ethical Valentine's Day gifts has inspired you and your loved ones to go eco friendly this year, it really does make all the difference.

Discover our Full Eco-Friendly & Plastic-Free Range Today!


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