In the UK, March normally provides two reasons to celebrate. Firstly: The arrival of Spring with lighter days, blossoming daffodils and birds singing, and secondly: A day to celebrate our Mums - both biological and otherwise. 

The Best Vegan Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a special occasion to show our mums just how much we appreciate them and all they do for us and our family units. 

But just how can we properly show our appreciation to the unstoppable force that is Mum? 

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of the best vegan gifts for Mother’s Day that are bound to delight and surprise your Mum on the day made to celebrate and appreciate her. 

Vegan Mother’s Day gifts can be a unique opportunity to surprise her with something different, even if she is not necessarily a vegan herself. And don’t worry: All of our picks can be gifted to grandmas, mother’s-in-laws, stepmums and godmothers, too.

Vegan Afternoon Tea Gift Hamper

Everybody loves afternoon tea, and seeing as right now in the UK a lot of our favourite cafe’s are remaining closed for a little while longer, why not bring a slice of your favourite cafe experience into your home?

Our good old fashioned afternoon tea hamper could be exactly what you need to spoil your Mum and spend some much needed quality time with her.

Containing decadent vegan Booja Booja salted caramel chocolates, a light and delightful cinnamon dutch apple cake, delicious lemon and ginger chia biscuits, plus Bottega Gold Prosecco to wash it all down with, this vegan afternoon tea hamper is the perfect gift for tea lovers everywhere.

It’s presented in our luxury gift box too, for a real added touch of luxury and you can fully personalize your hamper with a message to Mum.

Keep an eye out for these vegan food trends in 2021. How many will you be trying?


Eco-friendly Jewelry

Jewelry is a popular Mother’s Day choice, but did you know that it can also be vegan friendly? 

Dainty bracelets and rings from the JUST collection are ethically sourced pieces of jewelry created by women-led artisans. The materials used in the jewelry are fully sustainable, and fairtrade rules are applied for creators. 

One of our most popular products is the gold Seema Star Bracelet. The adjustable open bangle is decorated with star detail, and is a must-own accessory bound to present the perfect complement to any outfit. 

This beautiful piece of eco jewellery comes in a recyclable jewellery box, making it ideal for gifting. What’s more, every piece of jewelry is named after the woman that made it - making each piece of jewelry unique. A fantastic option if you want to give Mum something different from the usual high street offerings. 


Flowers are always a gifting-go-to for Mother’s Day. Not only do they fit with the new, bright blooms of the Spring season, but they’re a timeless gift bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Though any bunch of flowers are usually a safe vegan option, if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary but that will still raise a smile look no further than the Kabloom Seedbom Gift Set.

abloom's Birds, Bees & Butterflies gift box contains 4 Seedboms: One for each season, meaning your Mum will have a gorgeous selection of flowers all year round. What’s more, the flowers that bloom actively help entice and attract insects and wildlife, helping them to feed and pollinate throughout the year.

They’re simple to deploy too, all Mum has to do is pull the pin and pop the Seedbom into the area that needs brightening. Areas just need to have plenty of natural light, with bare soil and a good level of dampness. Once the Seedbom is planted, it will then biodegrade into the environment, leaving only flowers behind and fertilising the soil as it does so. 


Cool Mothers Day Gifts

One way of truly securing a unique gift for Mother’s Day is to get your Mum something that is deemed as “cool”. Cool Mother’s Day gifts are usually something completely bespoke, able to incite feelings of envy, and are unable to be found on the high street.

Thankfully at The Goodness Project, we keep up with cool and we make it cooler by making it vegan! Our go to cool gift for Mother’s Day 2021 would be the Elsie Print Tencel Scarf.

Why’s it cool? Because to start with it's inspired by the flowers found in the world renowned gardens of poet Vita Sackville at Sissinghurst Castle. And secondly, it’s made from smooth eco-friendly Tencel™, a compostable and biodegradable material that means when the scarf has had its day, it can help the earth instead.

The one size scarf can be worn in a number of different styles: In your hair, as a neckerchief or even as a bag accessory. Presented in a beautiful gift box, it's the perfect cool gift for Mum.

Now more than ever it’s important to shop as eco-friendly as possible. Learn how to give the gift of the environment in your present buying.


Gifts for new Mum 

Finally to wrap up our list, we’re not overlooking the brand new Mum’s who deserve spoiling too. 

Having a baby is no easy feat, and for new Mums there’s a lot of learning and late nights involved as they adapt to taking care of a brand new bundle of joy. So why not give them some time for pampering by spoiling them with Tisserand Aromatherapy’s Pulse Point Rollerball Collection?

The Tisserand Aromatherapy wellbeing rollerball collection harnesses the power of 100% natural pure essential oils that are 100% vegan friendly, and can help to inspire positivity, release stress, restore inner calm and help you sleep.

Containing four different sticks, Happy Vibes, Total De-stress, Real Calm and Sleep Better, it’s the perfect pocket pick me up that a new Mum might just need.

If you're looking for some more inspiration, especially if your mom loves a pamper days and beauty products check out this guide from allthingshair.

We hope our unique list of the best vegan gifts for Mother’s Day gives you the inspiration you need to truly show the motherly figure in your life how much you appreciate her. For more eco friendly and vegan friendly products, take a look at our vegan gifts for her section or browse our shop


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