It isn't an overstatement to suggest that we are using too much single-use plastic. Only 3 million tons of plastic were recovered in 2018, while 27 million tons were dumped in landfills, according to the EPA. Additionally, this does not take into consideration the staggering amounts of unprocessed plastic waste that is dumped on land and in our waterways and seas.

The 7 Best Everyday Eco-Friendly Products For 2024

Change must begin at the individual level, despite the fact that small changes may appear pointless in light of the millions of tons of single-use plastic that are thrown away annually. 

The fact is, we can make smarter purchasing decisions if we consider the disposable items we use on a daily basis and find eco-friendly alternatives.

This article highlights a selection of eco-friendly products intended to demonstrate to you how simple it is to substitute some of the plastic items you currently purchase and to encourage manufacturers of recycled plastic goods. We've also rounded up some great options for eco-friendly gift ideas here.

You can essentially get rid of your single-use plastic waste in that area by replacing them. You can support the circular economy by buying products made of materials like recycled plastic bottles and those that are completely plastic-free!

So – let’s dive into our guide to the best everyday eco-friendly products, and see how you can start making a difference!

First of all: what is greenwashing?

It can be challenging to determine which goods are actually sustainable because "green" claims are present everywhere, from cleaning supplies to sheet sets. 

When a business falsely makes eco-friendly statements about its products that are either unsupported by research or testing or outright false, this practice is known as "greenwashing". 

To avoid falling for advertising tricks like this, look out for goods with well-known, independent certification marks like EcoCert Cosmos or Fair Trade Certified. Even though a product may have a "earth friendly" logo, if the company created it, it has no real meaning.

7 eco-friendly alternative products to use everyday

1. Nine Lives Cats Stainless Steel Eco Bottle

Take this Nine Lives Cats Stainless Steel Eco Bottle with you anywhere you go as it is portable and convenient! 

Get rid of plastic water bottles and disposable coffee cups forever and drink enough fluids while you're at work, school, or on the go. Your drinks will stay hot or cold in this container for 12 or 24 hours, respectively. For cat lovers of all ages, this is also a fantastic eco-friendly present!

This super cute eco-friendly product is delivered using plastic free packaging, so you can enjoy your drinks guilt free!

2. KIND BAG Yoga Girl

The Kind Bag Yoga Girls Tote folds into a small pouch for convenient storage in your bag and has long arms to guarantee a comfortable fit around the shoulder. 

This medium backpack is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and contributes to the reduction of plastic. It has high-quality stitching to support carrying heavy loads, and best of all it looks adorable!

Did you know that reusable shopping bags have the potential to eliminate the use of 1,000 plastic bags over its lifetime? It's a no-brainer to invest in reusable accessories in the fight against plastic pollution. The bags perfect for taking out and about, you could take this bag whenever you go, on holiday, even on a Berlin tour or to a festival. 

3. TGP Candle Wild Fig and Grape

Handcrafted in the UK for The Goodness Project from a unique vegetable blend free of harsh chemicals like parabens and sulphates, this vegan Wild Fig and Grape TGP Candle is 100% natural. This beautiful candle is naturally coloured and delicately scented with Wild Fig and Grape essential oils.

Relax and unwind after a long day safe in the knowledge this gorgeous candle is completely natural and free from pesky plastic packaging!

4. Lavender Wheat Bag

Lavender Wheat Bags made from natural materials and scented with lavender promote calm and sleep.

Each of us has experienced neck discomfort while sleeping or sore muscles after exercise. Warm wheat bags heated in the microwave are used to heal small injuries. A safe, natural alternative to microwaveable heat packs that must be thrown away for heat treatment. 

For instant warmth, just put in a clean microwave with a rotary table and heat for 1–2 minutes on medium. Ideal for when you are cold, anxious or experiencing aches and pains in your muscles.

5. Wild Flowers Tea Towel

This lovely tea towel with a floral design will cheer up your loved one's kitchen. Made from 100% the Wild Flowers Tea Towel makes a happy substitute for paper towels which can't be recycled and globally results in 254 million tons of waste every year!

6. UpCircle Hemp and Cotton Makeup Pads

Leave cotton wool, single-use cotton pads, and disposable wipes in the past when you choose eco-friendly skincare products!

These reusable makeup pads are gentle on the environment and on your face. One repeatable round for every day of the week, totalling seven. High-quality, three-layer pads are free of plastic and biodegradable, and they feel silky soft against your skin.

Perfect as part of your eco friendly skincare routine and save money in the long run as you can reuse these over and over again!

7. Miko the Panda Organic Cotton Baby Socks

Our Miko organic cotton baby socks are made with the highest quality organic cotton and are designed to fit snugly and comfortably. They make the ideal reusable present for a new parent and are ideal for keeping your child's feet warm and cosy.

You can be confident that these socks are gentle enough for even the most delicate skin thanks to their GOTS certification and OCC guarantee. Additionally, they can be machine washed and reused, making them a thoughtful and eco-friendly baby present.

There's no better – or cuter – way to shop ethically than with an adorable pair of baby socks!

Looking for more environmentally friendly and sustainable products?

At the Goodness Project, we are dedicated to sustainability in all of our products. 

From eco-friendly packaging to working with couriers who have the lowest carbon footprint in the UK, we do everything we can to ensure our range of ethically-sourced products are eco-friendly from production to delivery.

We have a range of fantastic range of plastic free gifts for you to use for yourself or to give as gifts to loved ones, and even some eco gift boxes ready to go. These also make perfect eco-friendly Christmas gifts as well.

Did you know we also stock beautiful vegan and eco friendly skincare and bath products too?

Discover our Full Eco-Friendly & Plastic-Free Range Today!

Everyday eco friendly products FAQs

What does eco -friendly mean?

"Not environmentally harmful" is how eco-friendly is officially defined. This implies that when it comes to goods, everything from production to packaging must be taken into account in terms of environmental safety.

What is eco-friendly shopping?

Shopping sustainably means doing so in a manner that has less of an adverse effect on the environment. This encourages you to shop carefully and purchase durable goods.

What is a green product?

A green product is one that has been created with as little negative environmental effect as possible. This can apply to items made from renewable resources, goods made from recycled materials, and items that are made to be reused or recycled.


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