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Who wouldn't appreciate receiving a handcrafted and well chosen vegan hamper for their birthday party, Christmas, housewarming, or just because?

6 Vegan Hamper Ideas You Need To Try

What makes hampers especially fantastic, especially for vegans and those on special diets, is that they introduce people to foods and products they might not otherwise encounter. They are a great source of inspiration and open up a whole new world of goods that aren't often found on standard grocery shelves.

Additionally, the lucky recipient frequently ends up with a lovely basket, box, or crate that can be utilised for years to come when the contents are eventually reduced to little more than crumbs!

Since it can be challenging to get vegan hampers in stores or online, we wanted to share our favourite picks of vegan gift baskets and vegan hamper ideas with you that are cruelty-free and available for delivery to the UK!

What makes a great vegan hamper?

Vegan hampers could be the ideal present for both vegans and non-vegans equally because everyone appreciates getting a range of tasty or alluring goods – but vegans for sure! Although you can find hampers with other non-food/drink things as well, a hamper typically includes a selection of different food and drink products.

They are highly well-liked and let you give your friends or family a useful and considerate gift without actually doing a lot of the work yourself! 

Additionally, we have some fantastic vegan gift ideas and suggestions for you right here, whether you're looking for inspiration for a high-end vegan Christmas hamper or you want a vegan cheese or vegan chocolate hamper for your friend's birthday. Here are our best vegan hampers!

6 Vegan Hamper Ideas You Need To Try

1. The ‘Wild Thing’ Vegan Prosecco and Snack Hamper

A dazzling bottle of Organic Prosecco and a whopping 15 different Vegan nibbles are included in this box. The soft, lightly sparkling Wild Thing Prosecco has subtle fragrances that are both energising and refreshing.

For those who would want to sample some delicious vegan snacks together with the ideal sparkling beverage, the Wild Thing Vegan Prosecco hamper is the ideal option.

2. Vegan Chocolate and Snack Hamper

For people who have a sweet craving or devour dark chocolate, our Vegan Chocolate Hamper is the ideal present. All of these delicious vegan chocolate goodies have been hand-selected (and taste-tested) by us to ensure that whoever receives them will savour every morsel.

This exquisitely presented Vegan Chocolate Gift Hamper will wow whether it is sent as a gift or for yourself. Each hamper is equipped with a large Vego chocolate bar for the days when chocolate is an absolute must!

3. 'Supercharge' Healthy Natural Hamper Gift Box

From flapjacks to energy bars, our healthy hamper is packed with carefully chosen goods that are ideal for a snack. It has all the healthy food snacks they could possibly need.

Our Special Supercharge Healthy Gift Basket is the ideal reward for someone who values their health. It's a highly-liked get well present for both men and women.

4. Vegan Cheese Hamper

Many people don't give vegan cheese the recognition it deserves simply because they have no idea what they're made of! A variety of nuts, most frequently cashews, almonds, and macadamias, can be used to make vegan cheeses. However, unlike cheese manufactured from cow's milk, which contains rennet, cholesterol, and other undesirable elements, these plant-based alternatives only have healthy fats!

Our Vegan Cheese Hamper is loaded with delectable snacks, making it the ideal choice for assembling a fantastic cheese board that everyone will love. This hamper is a cheese lover's dream because it includes Aged Dulse, a creamy vegan cheese aged for several weeks to acquire a deep umami flavour, juicy pitted green olives flavoured with lemon and rosemary, and a variety of pretzels, nuts, and crackers.

Drink a delicious, smooth glass of Fairtrade, organic, and vegan wine to wash it all down. A wonderful luxury hamper for both vegans and non-vegans. This vegan gift basket is perfect for Christmas too!

5. The Wonderful Vegan Christmas Chocolate & Snack Hamper

Struggling for vegan gifts with Christmas just around the corner? Your prayers have been answered with the Wonderful Vegan Chocolate & Snack Hamper.

Snackaholics will be delighted by our creation of a Christmas gift basket, which includes delectable chocolates and nibbles. With this wonderful assortment of delicacies, the recipients will be inundated with options—a true hamper of delights!

Featuring sweet treats such as organic orange and tangerine chocolate and organic salted caramel truffles, the vegan in your life will no longer be feeling the odd one out at Christmas!

6.Vegan Sweets Hamper

Looking for a smaller gift for a vegan pal with a sweet tooth? The Vegan Sweets Hamper is a no brainer!

This hamper is sure to please anyone who loves the sweeter things in life because it includes marshmallows (perfect for transforming into a vegan marshmallow toasting kit which are super popular right now), gummy bears, candies, and fizzy delights.

Discover Vegan Gifts from The Goodness Project

Looking for the perfect present for your vegan friend or family member? At the Goodness Project, we offer a range of delicious vegan hampers for all occasions, all packed full of unique and tasty treats and drinks.

Order your hamper today for stress-free vegan gifts for loved ones or even yourself!

Vegan hampers FAQs

Are any chocolate bars vegan?

Chocolate can indeed be vegan. Or, it may not be vegan. The majority of dark chocolate is vegan, but make sure to look for dairy in the ingredients list. Many times, chocolate contains non-vegan ingredients like milk or flavours like caramel or nougat.

What should be in a gift hamper?

Champagne, mugs, hand soap, tea towels, preserves, tea bags, chocolates, biscuits, candles, picture frames, potted plants or vases, and tiny home accents are among the most popular presents.


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