Why Summer is my new resolution time

Posted by Anna Szanto

We often associate January with being the time of year for reflection for making new plans and resolving to do things better. But my point of reflection is during these Summer months. Summer is often when we have more time to reflect that after the hectic festive period and the bright and sunny days make everything seem more possible.

Holidays after all are there for a reason; they are the chance to move away from the daily routine, bad habits that come from being time poor or unmotivated and a time to find new perspective. It's a time to reconnect with family, friends, nature and just being rather than doing.  A good dose of vitamin D, some sea air and time away from the everyday brings clarity of thoughts and adds to the creative juices. A good long walk helps clear my mind and sometimes just looking at a view can give a whole new perspective on things.


So I hope you are enjoying this summer as much as I am and what a summer it has been! I hope you will find time for you, remember self-care is so important and we all need it.


And finally Good Luck to all of you receiving exam results this week and next. What an exciting time with new challenges on the horizon. If you have a rising star in the family why not show them some appreciation, our Summer snack gift box makes a lovely gift and if you have a loved one going off to University for the first time we have created a super Student Survival Pack full of essentials and a few goodies - limited edition, so grab yours now!