Every business owner knows that a company is nothing without its employees, clients, or business partners. Whether you’re a huge conglomerate spanning thousands of offices, or you’re a brand new startup, you know that the ecosystem of employees, clients and stakeholders remains invaluable to the continued success of your business.

Your Guide to the 10 Best Vegan Corporate Gifts

That’s why you’ll also know how important it is to give back and say thanks. 

So this year, why not show your employees, clients, business partners or stakeholders your appreciation by promoting consciousness towards healthier and more compassionate living with this range of vegan corporate gifts?

They’re a mixture of edible, practical and sustainable and they’re bound to create a long-lasting impression.

1. Vegan briefcases

The briefcase is an item that has had a major update from its initial rectangular, clunky and boxy design. Nowadays vegan briefcases take all types of different shapes and sizes, and even look more like totes or satchels to incorporate unisex accessibility. 

Vegan briefcases are usually made from materials such as vegan leather, cork, eco-polyurethane, organic cotton canvas and even recycled plastic bottle polyester and come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. Practical, sustainable and fashionable - it’s hard to go wrong.

2. Kind bag

Kind bags are a type of tote or over the shoulder bag made from entirely recyclable and sustainable materials: Hence their kind name. The bags are usually also biodegradable or recyclable, which means that when they reach the end of their lifecycle they give back to the planet by breaking down and fertilising the soil, or by being recycled to make a brand new bag.

As part of the Goodness Project’s new Spring range, we’re featuring the Kind Bag Girls Yoga Tote. Completely water-resistant, it’s made with high quality stitching to carry heavy loads whilst remaining comfortable as it fits snug around the shoulder. It even folds away into a small

3. Bamboo travel mug

If your business leverages travel, or you have employees who are regularly in the field or on the go a bamboo travel mug is a great corporate gift. Bamboo travel mugs are made entirely of bamboo and recyclable silicone, and are able to be recycled once they are beginning to wear.

Bamboo travel mugs are a fantastic alternative to takeaway coffee cups because some takeaway brands still have cups which feature microplastics capable of damaging the ocean. What’s more, most takeaway brands now are happy to fill a recyclable cup belonging to a customer, so they can still enjoy their favourite on-the-go coffees, just even more sustainably!

Going sustainable is a great choice, and it extends to workplaces too. Read our best pieces of advice as to how to create a vegan friendly workplace here.

4. Eco friendly stainless steel bottle

If your employees spend a lot of time near the watercooler, or you’re in an industry where you’re also constantly on the go or on the field, a sustainable stainless steel water bottle makes a great practical alternative to plastic water bottles.

These sustainable stainless steel bottles are great for keeping hot drinks hot throughout the day and can sustain heat for around 12 hours so the recipient will never need to worry about their coffee turning cold again! For those who favour cold drinks, the bottles can keep the coolness fresh for up to 24 hours to always provide a refreshing drink.

5. Organic wine gift hamper

What better way to celebrate exceeding targets, reward an employee, or celebrate a brand new business deal than to gift an organic wine hamper? 

Our indulgent organic hamper contains a selection of all things delicious. Presented in a Luxury style gift box, your recipient will find two half bottles of Organic Crisp Pinot Grigio from Northern Italy and the Fruity Domaine Bousquet Malbec from Argentina, plus a delicious selection of vegan sweet and savoury delights.

6. Vegan superfood snack box

Superfoods power super work and exceed productivity, so what better way to reward the superstars on your team than by boosting their brainpower?

Our superfood snack box is entirely vegan and organic, and features a range of handpicked superfood snacks. From flapjacks to energy bars it's got all the healthy food that’s great to nibble and that will provide a pick-me-up throughout the day.

7. Vegan Assorted Office snack box

Rewarding a big team or treating them to lunch? Then look no further than the Goodness Project’s mammoth vegan assorted office snack box!

Our biggest corporate hamper yet features up to 70 assorted snacks ranging from 25 nut mixes from popular brands such as Graze and Urban Mix, to our Nosh Box which features popcorn and vegan crisp alternatives like vegetable and fruit crisps, and finally includes an assortment of 25 artisan, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian snack bars including flapjacks, protein bars and fruit & nut bars.

It’s the ideal box to reward a big team, or celebrate a big deal with your biggest client!

If your employees are in need of more snacks, you can view a list of our recommended top 10 vegan snacks for work here!

8. Vegan bound journal

Journals are fantastic practical and productivity boosting gifts, but they can be difficult to buy sustainably. Thankfully with the advancements in vegan leather and environmentally friendly alternatives like organic cotton canvas, finding the right vegan bound journal is a breeze.

Nowadays vegan journals come bound in a variety of different materials including vegan leather alternatives, eco-polyurethane covers, cork and organic cotton.

9. Vegan organic pure essential oils

A perhaps overlooked corporate gift is a gift designed to relax and rejuvenate, especially if you, your stakeholders, clients or employees have had to navigate a particularly stressful time.

Vegan organic pure essential oils feature oils only made with natural ingredients, which means no harmful chemicals. They’re perfect to provide a touch of aromatherapy, and can inspire positivity, release stress and restore inner calm.

10. Bamboo pen

Ballpoint pens used to be all the corporate range, and whilst those are still available in new stainless steel variations, why not go one further and gift bamboo pens instead?

Unique, quirky and often stylish, these pens are made from 100% pressed bamboo which is then decorated to look seamless. They’re long lasting and fully recyclable or degradable which means that when they’re done, they can repeat the cycle without harming our environment.

We hope our guide to the best vegan corporate gifts has inspired your purchasing. Giving gifts that promote consciousness and a more sustainable way of living are bound to delight as well as include teams who may be unable to partake in receipts of other gifts such as those which are not vegan or free-from friendly. We've also got a handy guide on corporate gift basket ideas that you might like.

The Goodness Project can provide corporate gifts for clients, employees, prospects and more. Our hampers and gifts to all over the United Kingdom, and we can even create a personalised corporate hamper of your choice!

To view more, shop our hamper range here, or if you’d like to have something bespokely made use our bespoke corporate gift form to tell us your ideas - we can’t wait to bring them to life.


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