Christmas is approaching, which means it's time to select your vegan advent calendar for 2023! There's a vegan advent calendar for everyone, from vegan tea calendars to chocolate calendars.

We're once again spoiled for choice, with a plethora of festive vegan advent calendars available for both adults and children.Whether you're a beauty junkie seeking for new cruelty-free products to try over the holidays or you need a daily fix of chocolatey goodness, there's a vegan advent calendar for you.

9 Best Vegan Advent Calendars

There are approximately 600,000 vegans in the UK, which means that's a lot of people who may have missed out on yummy chocolate advent calendars in years gone by, but not anymore!

To help you find your perfect luxury vegan advent calendar, we've compiled a list of all the best vegan chocolate advent calendars for this year that will make you excited to count down the days til Christmas!

9 of the best vegan advent calendars

No one should miss out at Christmas, so here's our pick of the best vegan advent calendars for 2023. From dark chocolate, vegan milk chocolate and also beauty advent calendars, there really is something for everyone right here!

1. Monty Bojangles Vegan Truffle Advent Calendar

A lovely and colourful design and three unique plant-based truffle flavours. Cocoa Nib Nights (a vegan truffle with cocoa nibs), Cocoberry Blush (a vegan raspberry and coconut truffle), and Caramel Haze (a vegan caramel and hazelnut truffle) are just a few of them.

If you're searching for a luxury vegan chocolate advent calendar then you have definitely met your match with this mouth watering Monty Bojangles truffle calendar! Get ready to countdown to Christmas in vegan chocolate truffles heaven!

2. Plamil Advent Calendar Smooth Chocolate Cacao & Coconut

Plamil's advent calendar offers the taste of milk chocolate but without the dairy and with less than 4% sugars! Plamil's exclusive recipe makes use of UTZ responsibly produced cocoa and coconut to achieve a wonderful smooth milky' taste and texture. Smooth is Sugarwise certified, meaning it contains only naturally occurring sugars.

A hint of coconut milk makes for a delicious chocolate vegan advent calendar, so treat yourself or a loved one in time for December 1st!

3. Moo Free Advent Calendar Milk Chocolate

This  delicious 'milk' chocolate vegan Advent Calendar is ideal for any dairy-free Christmas chocoholics. Moo Free created the most incredible dairy-free chocolate in 2020, so they just had to put it in an Advent Calendar! This Moo Free Advent Calendar is wonderful for both kids and adults. Every day, the shapes behind the doors will delight you, so don't go peeking before you should!

Also available as a white chocolate advent calendar, keep your eyes peeled for this one!

4. Candy Kittens Advent Calendar

Candy Kittens' 3D build-your-own Pop-Up Advent Tree is filled with delectable, enticing vegan gourmet sweets.

Contains a variety of your favourite flavours including; Sour Watermelon, Wild strawberry, Tropical Mango & Blueberry Bliss.. (and trust us, no two days will taste the same), with enough in the box for more than one tasty treat every day.

5. English Tea Shop Organic Advent Calendar

Enjoy the delightful scents of the holiday season with this collection of premium, expertly blended organic teas, this Advent Calendar from English Tea Shop is sure to warm you up this festive season.

This advent calendar contains 25 tea bags, one for each day in December for the countdown to Christmas, and is ideal for giving as a gift for a tea lover.

If you're looking for an alternative advent calendar to chocolate then this is certainly the one for you!

6. Yogi Tea Tea Advent Calendar

The Yogi Tea Christmas Calendar is the ideal complement to a joyous holiday season! 24 sachets of organic tea, one for each of the 24 days till Christmas.

The Yogi Tea Christmas Calendar is beautifully designed and features 24 individually wrapped tea sachets, each having a specifically selected variety of this very popular organic herbal tea collection. Tea bags manufactured from abaca (a type of banana) with no staples, a 100% certified organic cotton string, and an FSC certified paper tag.

This is the best vegan advent calendar if you're searching for a sustainable gift as well as vegan!

7. Greener Beauty Advent Calendar

The Greener Beauty Advent Calendar is the ideal solution for green beauty enthusiasts who require eco-friendly and vegan cosmetics to care for not only themselves but also the world and animals!

Inside you’ll find:

9 days of skincare, 8 days of body care, 3 days of makeup, 1 day of hair care, 1 day of nail polish, 1 day of perfume, 1 candle.

8. Wooden Star Reusable Advent Calendar

This traditional-style wooden advent calendar will be a perfect gift and home decoration for someone who lives a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

9. Fabric Christmas Advent Calendar Kit

Each little window on the calendar features a beautiful festive design. This gorgeous eco-friendly advent calendar can be loved by all the family year after year.

What is vegan chocolate?

Chocolate in its purest form cannot be any more vegan than it is. It is derived from cocoa, a plant-based food. However, by the time the cocoa from the plant reaches you, it has been subjected to rigorous processing with chemicals and milk or milk fat, making it an animal-based product. Vegan chocolates are considerably more pure, healthier, and delicious than chocolates laced with chemical additives and cheap animal fat.

Vegan chocolate is made by replacing dairy products with plant-based replacements. Common milk solids and milk fat alternatives include:

  • Non dairy milk such as almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, oat milk, or rice milk can be used in place of normal cow's milk.
  • Cocoa butter: This is a natural fat produced from cocoa beans that is utilised to provide the creamy texture in many vegan chocolate products.
  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil adds richness to chocolate and is sometimes used as a substitute for cocoa butter.
  • Almond butter, peanut butter, or other nut butters can be mixed into the chocolate to add flavour and texture.

Looking for more vegan gift ideas?

We hope this guide to vegan advent calendars has put you in the Christmas spirit! But why stop there? The Goodness Project has a wide range of vegan hampers and gifts perfect for the most wonderful time of the year! We even have a bunch of vegan chocolate hampers ready to go.

Order your hamper today for stress-free vegan gifts for loved ones or even yourself!

Vegan advent calendars FAQs

What do you put in a vegan advent calendar?

Create the ultimate Christmas countdown with a vegan advent calendar! Fill it with dairy-free holiday chocolates, small toys, love notes, or daily acts of kindness. Or simply buy a delicious vegan chocolate calendar right here from The Goodness Project.

What chocolate is vegan friendly?

A dark chocolate advent calendar is often free of animal products. However, it may include traces of milk or another animal food, such as honey, so read the label carefully before purchasing.

Which advent calendars are vegan?

There is now a lot more variety for vegans when it comes to advent calendars. So many advent calendars are now available in delicious flavours such as milk chocolate, white chocolate, salted caramel etc. Take a look at all the advent calendars The Goodness Project has to offer or the perfect gift!


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