4 Myths about Veganism

Posted by Rebecka

There's a lot of mixed messages on the internet when it comes to veganism. So this month, we're looking into a few myths and rumours about the vegan diet in hopes that it'll to clear up some of the confusion.  

If you're considering going vegan, make sure to give this a read!

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Now, let’s bust some myths about veganism!

4 myths about veganism

  1. Vegans don’t need supplements.

This is one of the myths about veganism that can be harmful. Though a lot of people claim that there is no need for supplements on a vegan diet, studies ( 1, 2 ) have shown that vegans and vegetarians have a higher risk of getting B12 deficiency. To avoid that, we recommend vegans to take B12 supplements.

It’s important to pay attention to nutrition no matter your diet. So make sure that you receive all the nutrients you need, whether that’s from food or supplements.

2. Veganism is expensive.

The staples of a healthy vegan diet are not expensive at all. Things such as rice, legumes, vegetables, and fruits are easy to find at your local food store and are rarely expensive.  This, of course, depends on where you are based, but in most cases, staples aren't that pricy.

What can cause a vegan diet to be more expensive is processed, and prepackaged vegan food. So as long as that is kept at a minimum, you should be able to eat a healthy vegan diet without spending too much money on food.

3. Veganism is only a diet.

Veganism is about avoiding animal suffering. This includes diet but extends to other parts of life such as avoiding products that have been tested on animals.

4. Vegans don’t get enough protein.

According to vrg, It’s not that hard to get protein on a vegan diet. There are plenty of plant-based foods filled with protein for vegans to consume. Things such as tofu, lentils, and chickpeas are all good sources of plant-based proteins that taste delicious!

Good luck on your vegan journey!