Gift-giving can be difficult for anyone. 

Once you start looking, it becomes much more difficult to come up with eco-friendly, zero-waste gifts. It can also be hard to remember to choose products that will ultimately do little to no harm to our environment as you celebrate key occasions and seasons with those you love in your life

7 Plastic-Free Zero-Waste Gift Ideas To Try This Year

In 2021, 79% of plastic waste was sent to landfill, 12% was incinerated and only 9% ended up being recycled. A truly shocking statistic!

As more people become aware of the impact of the gift industry on the environment, many companies have had a lightbulb moment and are consciously looking for ways to create great zero waste gifts.

In this guide we'll show you all the wonderful ways you can reduce plastic waste with our list of 8 top zero waste plastic-free gift ideas. Your zero waste journey starts here!

What is eco-friendly gifting?

Choosing the ideal gift for someone who deserves it is a gift in and of itself, even without considering sustainability. The same cliché holds true for eco-friendly gift giving if you've ever heard it after giving away one of your "treats": "It's the thought that counts." Using recyclable wrapping paper or purchasing plastic free gifts are also good options. You can contribute by just being mindful of the environment and your carbon footprint.

According to Wrappily, we throw enough wrapping paper away annually to circle the world a whopping nine times!

The materials used to create plastic-free presents can be recycled, biodegradable, or environmentally beneficial. The beauty of these materials is that they decompose naturally over time. They almost completely leave no trace behind.

Natural fabrics are an excellent example of eco-friendly products, so if you're looking for something special, look for presents made of cotton, wool, bamboo, hemp, linen, and cashmere. As an alternative, search for gifts made from recycled materials like metal, glass, wood, or paper.

The 8 best zero waste gifts and low waste gift ideas

Here are a few of our top plastic free gifts and zero waste gifts ideas which are sure to cheer up the lucky recipient and the environment too!

1. Mini Wish Flower Bottle by Floriette

Since dried flowers are entirely natural and biodegradable, they are excellent for the environment. Freshly cut flowers need to be refrigerated and kept wet after being picked, however these dried flowers are simply hand-cut and arranged in a beautifully simplistic glass bottle.

The Mini Wish Flower Bottle by Floriette is a wonderful-smelling, thoughtful present that is significantly better for the environment because they don't wilt or need any water.

2. Tempranillo Eco-friendly Vegan Letterbox Wine

In addition to being produced entirely from recycled PET plastic, which may have otherwise ended up in the environment, the bottle has a far less carbon footprint than a typical wine bottle. Additionally, it is completely and simply recyclable, so you can relax knowing that you've done your part to protect the environment and your loved ones.

Have we mentioned this full-bodied, delicious wine is also a vegan friendly gift! You really can't go wrong with the Tempranillo Eco-friendly Vegan Letterbox Wine. A perfect zero waste gift!

3. Nine Lives Cats Stainless Steel Eco Bottle

Stay hydrated at work, school, or when travelling by doing away with disposable plastic bottles for good. The Nine Lives Cats Stainless Steel Eco Bottle is a wonderful zero waste gift idea for cat lovers of all ages!

This cute water bottle keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours, perfect for when you're constantly on the go!

4. UpCircle Hemp and Cotton Makeup Pads

Say goodbye to cotton wool, single-use cotton pads, and disposable wipes!

These reusable cosmetic sponges are gentle on the environment and on your skin. One pad for every day of the week! The UpCircle Hemp and Cotton Makeup Pads are high-quality, three-layer pads are free of plastic and biodegradable, and they feel silky soft against your skin. Ideal for the beauty fanatic in your life!

Remember we mentioned hemp earlier? Hemp is a natural plant fibre from the stems of the Cannabis plant. In terms of sustainability, hemp is the least harmful to the environment.

5. Sweet Lounge Fizzy Orange Carrot Sweets

Look at these seriously yummy Vegan orange flavoured carrot shaped gummies presented in an eco-friendly and recyclable glass jar! You can guarantee there'll be no food waste here!

These cute gummies are the ideal gift for your vegan friends or family members, or why not bring along as an offering to a vegan picnic? They're sure to go down a treat.

6. Rainbow Eco-Friendly Confetti Cannon

Surprise your loved ones with this colourful eco-friendly rainbow confetti cannon and really get the party started!

This enjoyable Rainbow Biodegradable Confetti Cannon will delight and shower your visitors, adding to the specialness of the occasion. Ideal for birthdays, weddings, Pride and other special occasions!

The confetti is 100% biodegradable so you can party without worrying about the effect on the environment.

7. Recyclable gift wrap

We're led to believe that wrapping paper can be fully recycled, however this simply isn't the case. Gift wrap which is decorated in glitter, sequins or other forms of plastic cannot be recycled and will end up in landfill. Not ideal.

Reusing newspaper or brown paper to wrap gifts can give them a simple yet stylish appearance. These are a wonderful substitute for wrapping paper because they are less expensive and easier to recycle after use.

Looking for more environmentally friendly and plastic free gifts?

We hope this guide has given you some helpful ideas for plastic free gifts, or maybe even some gifts for yourself for a zero waste starter kit!

At the Goodness Project, we are dedicated to sustainability in all of our products. 

We make every effort to guarantee that our selection of ethically sourced products is environmentally friendly from manufacturing to delivery, from eco-friendly packaging to collaborating with carriers who have the lowest carbon footprint in the UK. We also plant a tree with every order, so you know you’re being kind to the earth when you make a purchase with us.

We have a great selection of plastic-free presents you can keep for yourself or give as gifts to loved ones, including some eco-friendly gift boxes that are ready to go.

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Did you know we also stock beautiful vegan and eco friendly skincare and bath products too?

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Plastic free gift ideas FAQs

What is a green gift?

Giving green gifts entails leaving a smaller environmental imprint during a time of year when it's simple to go overboard. There are many ways to spend your time and money in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Why choose eco-friendly gifts?

Sustainable presents encourage waste reduction and a lifestyle that is kind to the environment. They will also help you in conveying your ideals and principles in a compelling manner.

What are zero waste gifts?

Zero waste gifts are straightforward, produce little to no waste, are reusable many times over, and are compostable or biodegradable.


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