Winter is approaching, and the task of finding good Christmas gifts is soon upon us. Figuring out what to give your loved ones for Christmas can be a struggle. And to make the task of finding presents a bit easier.

Here's a list of 20 gift ideas from luxury through vegan and eco-friendly to exciting stocking fillers, just in time for Christmas. 

Vegan Christmas Gift Guide: Top 20 Vegan Present Ideas

Whether you're looking for something to give your family, your friends, or your partner, you'll find the answer here. To ease your worries this gift-giving season, we’ve rounded up the top 20 best gifts that even your pickiest friend would love.

Looking for an easy vegan Christmas present? Checkout our Vegan Christmas Hampers

Luxury gifts

Everyone wants to be spoiled with some luxurious gifts once in a while. These are our go-to picks for timeless, classic, luxury gifts that everyone could enjoy. 

1. Vegan Liqueur Hamper

If you were a fan of Bailey’s Almande you'll no doubt be gutted it's no longer available. But we've got you. Check out our Vegan Liqueur hamper that comes with some extra tasty vegan chocolates.  

2. Kavita Eco Necklace

The Kavita necklace is an elegant, delicate design that will never go out of style. The two circles symbolize an everlasting bond, which makes it the perfect gift to give to a loved one to symbolize your relationship.

3. Aromatherapy Candle

This candle is a must-have to light up your home during these dark winter months. ELM RD candles are 100% natural, vegan, and handmade with the best ingredients available. Their candles consist of a unique blend of natural essential oils, soy wax, and a wooden wick, which contributes to a long-lasting candle that you can spoil your friends with. This particular scent is a mix of earthy scents such as lavender, eucalyptus, and basil. 

4. Organic Wine Selection Chest

This organic wine chest is a collection of fine organic, vegan, and sparkling wines presented in a luxurious wooden box. It's a classic gift you can't go wrong with. 

5. Luxury dark chocolate brazils

You can never go wrong with chocolate. Especially not when giving away luxury dark chocolate truffles from Beech’s. To ensure high-quality, these truffles are individually hand-inspected and dipped in dark chocolate. 

Vegan-friendly gifts

With the popular rise in veganism, it’s easy to thrive on a vegan diet. Not only are more and more food produced to suit vegans, but more and more products are also made cruelty-free. So whether you are a vegan, or you're shopping for one, finding vegan presents shouldn’t be much of a problem. To help, here are our top 5 gift ideas for the vegans in your life.

1. The Organic Red Wine Wicker Hamper

The organic red wine wicker hamper features a luxury vegan Chianti red wine from Tuscany and delicious treats such as chocolate and tea. It's a hamper impossible to resist.

2. Vegan prosecco and snack hamper

It’s hard to believe, but not everyone is obsessed with chocolate. For those that aren’t, this hamper is the perfect gift! The Vegan Prosecco and Snack hamper contains a little bit of everything: vegan chocolates, snacks, and a sparkling refreshing prosecco to be enjoyed alongside everything. Not only is this a perfect gift, but for every bottle sold of this prosecco, a donation is made to benefit conservation and animal welfare projects around the world. 

3. Prosecco and Booja Booja Gift Set

This gift set contains one of the best matches possible: Chocolate and Prosecco. With a delicious selection of 3 Booja-Booja truffle selections and a bottle of Italian semi-sparkling Prosecco with floral notes, this set is bound to please. 

4. The Wonderful Vegan Christmas Chocolate snack Hamper

This delicious vegan sack hamper is a collection of fine delicious treats wrapped in a beautiful 100% eco-friendly package. Whoever you’re buying this for is lucky to have you in their life!

5. Organic Christmas Joy Mini Chocolate Snack Box

If your friend is on the hunt for new favourite snacks, then this is the perfect gift to give them. This organic snack box contains a bunch of new exciting snacks to try out. Everything is organic, vegan-friendly, and palm oil-free. 

Vegan Stocking Fillers

Stocking fillers are one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit before Christmas. The only trouble is that it can be hard to figure out what to buy as stocking fillers, especially once you've already had to figure out Christmas gifts for everyone. To give you some ideas here are our top 5 stocking filler ideas.

1. Christmas Joy Mini Chocolate Snack Box

This mini chocolate snack box is full of delicious chocolate perfect to use as stocking fillers. The chocolates are all vegan, organic, free from palm oil, and 100% delicious.

2. Benecos Winter Dream gift set

It’s getting colder, the holiday stress is coming up, and it's easy to feel a bit overwhelmed with everything. The Benecos Winter Dream Gift set is the perfect gift for anyone who needs to wind down and treat themselves to a nice spa day.

3. Naughty or Nice Edible Cocktails

A fun stocking filler that is sure to be a hit with the adults is the naughty or nice edible cocktail. This fun collection by Smith & Sinclair contains 8 edible cocktails with different flavours and has an ABV of 7%, which equals half a shot per cocktail.

4. Luxury Vegan Personalised Sweets Jar

This cute little jar is a great gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. Fill it with your favourite candy, and you're good to go. Personalise your jar with a cute foil printed gift tag.

5. Aromatherapy Roller Ball Collection

The Aromatherapy rollerball collection by Tisserand is affordable, fun, and perfect to use as stocking fillers. The set is suitable for vegans and contains 100% natural pure essential oils.

Eco-friendly Christmas gifts

Are you trying to shop eco-friendly this year? No worries, we at The Goodness Project has you covered with these five eco-friendly gifts that'll make sure you're not only giving your friends and loved ones an awesome gift, but you're also doing the environment a favour.

1. Yellow Linen Wheat Bag

This 100% natural yellow wheat bag is soft, comfortable, and perfect to keep you warm during the cold of winter.

2. Neena Open Ring

This modern classic ring is adjustable, easy to style, and a beautiful addition to anyone's jewellry collection.


This biodegradable coffee cup has a cheerful Vintage Apple design, a great gift for any coffee lovers out there. Made from bamboo, this cup comes with a re-sealable lid and a matching red sleeve designed for hot liquids. It's the perfect cup for coffee on the go. 

4. Pooley bud vase

With the Pooley bud vase, any room will turn into a stylish place. It’s a great gift that makes flower arrangement fun, and if your friend isn't a fan of flowers, it can easily be turned into something to arrange pens or makeup brushes in.


Guaranteed to surprise and delight the lucky person who finds it on their doormat, this is the perfect present for anyone who’s eco-conscious. Not only is the bottle made of 100% pre-existing PET plastic that might otherwise have ended up in our environment, but it also has a hugely reduced carbon footprint when compared to a normal wine bottle. Plus it’s fully and easily recyclable so you can rest assured knowing that you’ve been kind to both the planet and your loved ones!


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