The 5 Best Vegan and Gluten Free Easter Eggs

Years ago, Easter presented very slim pickings for those who were vegan/and or gluten free with a sweet tooth. At best the supermarket aisle would have a selection of one or two choices, and often the online offerings weren’t readily available either, which sometimes meant looking on with envy across the Easter holiday period.

Thankfully nowadays with the rise of veganism and better knowledge of free from foods, everything is different! There are now a number of gluten free, vegan easter eggs to choose from, making Easter a time of celebration for all.

Whether you’re looking for vegan milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate, there are vegan and gluten free options available, and they’re all delicious.

Below we’ve rounded up our favourite five for the 2021 Easter holiday season!

  1. Cocoa Libre Chocolate Orange Easter Egg

Cocoa Libre’s eggs are not only vegan, they’re free from too! Free from dairy, gluten, nuts, peanuts and wheat, these eggs are bound to be an Easter treat that will delight either the recipient or yourself!

Their ingredient list is so simple it’s shortened to containing just cocoa butter and mass, rice powder, natural vanilla flavouring and natural orange oil.

What’s more, Cocoa Libre Easter Eggs are also all hand-crafted and they’re made using only top quality, natural ingredients which makes them sustainable too. Good for the planet, and good for you, they’re the ultimate Easter treat.

  1. ivine Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Easter Egg

This vegan and gluten free Easter egg certainty lives up to its name. Divine’s beautiful vegan Easter treat combines deliciously smooth, rich dark chocolate with bursts of real raspberries and combines them all into a thick chocolate Easter egg shell.

Drooling yet? Us too. Divine are not only exquisite in taste either, they’ve also got divine morals and ethics for the planet. The cocoa used in Divine’s Easter Eggs is all fairtrade, and it’s grown by family farmers in Ghana which ensures they get a fair wage and good living conditions.

There are no artificial colours and no palm oil in Divine’s Eggs either, which reiterates their commitment to taking care of the planet. A great tasting treat from a brand doing great work.

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  1. Goupie Original Easter Egg

Goupie Easter Eggs aren’t just original in name, they’re original in design too! Each egg has 36 different designs all chosen at random, which means when you order one, it’s a complete surprise as to which design will turn up.

As if that’s not enough, the tin that the egg comes in is entirely reusable, whilst the card its packaged in is also recyclable making it a great sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

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Inside that eco-friendly packaging is a vegan friendly and gluten free chocolate egg made from 54% vegan belgian chocolate, golden syrup, biscuit, fairtrade cocoa powder and toasted rice. A very original choice for an Easter treat!

  1. Moo Free White Choccy Easter Eggs

Preparing for an Easter Egg hunt but need a free-from selection? Then look no further than this bag of Moo Free Vegan White Chocolate Easter Eggs.

Moo Free Easter Eggs are prepared using delicious dairy free and vegan chocolate in accordance with the Rainforest Alliance. That means the cocoa used to make the chocolate is ethically and sustainably sourced, resulting in no harm coming to the planet.

Each bag is made in a UK factory that does not manufacture any other kind of chocolate using milk, gluten or soya-based ingredients either which means they are 100% safe for those suffering from allergies.

Let the free-from Easter egg hunt begin!


  1. Buttermilk Salted Caramel Crunch Chocolate Egg

Made from responsibly sourced, natural ingredients and packaged in plastic free and compostable materials these Buttermilk Easter Eggs are a guilt free treat for so many reasons.

Inside the sustainable packaging you’ll find a delicious dairy free, vegan friendly Easter egg made from gloriously thick caramel tasting chocolate, intertwined with crunchy sea salt and caramel flakes.

Great for vegans and those who are free-from, the ingredients list is limited to 95% dairy free chocolate, 5% salted caramel, cocoa butter, rice powder and glucose syrup. A great Easter gift for salted caramel lovers and for vegan chocolate lovers alike. 

That concludes our favourite five gluten free and vegan picks for this Easter season. Just in time for Easter, at The Goodness Project we’ve launched our brand new Vegan Easter Section where you’ll find something for everyone! There are vegan Easter hampers, vegan chocolates, and even vegan gummy sweets too.

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