More and more couples are deciding to include environmentally friendly items on their wedding gift lists these days. In fact, in a recent survey 98% of couples said that sustainability was a factor when planning their wedding.

8 Sustainable & Ethical Wedding Gifts For Couples

Choosing environmentally friendly, ethical items, or to support local businesses and communities in your area is a win-win for guests and the happy couple, don't you think?

We have been working diligently behind the scenes at The Goodness Project to partner with an increasing number of ethical and sustainable products, and we have highlighted some of our favourites below. Many more can be found in our list of sustainable inspiration. The choice to purchase eco-friendly wedding gifts that you will adore and that will also respect our planet will be well appreciated by your guests.

Don't worry, though; these days, sustainable and ethical home furnishings go beyond hessian and woven reeds. The eco-friendly products of today are fashionable, useful, and make you feel good! Oh, and of course many of our sustainable gifts are also vegan friendly!

7 sustainable wedding gifts for couples

The Organic Red Wine Wicker Hamper

This chic and enchanted wicker basket made from sustainable materials is packed with premium favourites. A collection of organic sweet and savoury treats, such as chocolate, tea, biscuits, jam, and other delectable sweet and savoury delicacies are included with an award-winning organic, vegan Chianti red wine from Tuscany.

The Organic Red Wine Wicker Hamper is perfect for the newlyweds to take on a romantic picnic in the countryside.

Confetti Here, Drinks There, Love Everywhere Wooden Sign

Add a touch of tenderness to your special day with this stunning wooden sign. With its uplifting message of joy - "Confetti Here, Champagne There, Love Everywhere" – it's sure to make any event sparkle even brighter! Hang up the charm and watch as love fills the atmosphere while you celebrate life’s greatest moments surrounded by those closest to you.

Love Chocolate and Snack Hamper Gift Box

By surprising the newlyweds with this exquisitely designed Love Hamper Gift Box, you can share the vegan love! Delicious vegan chocolates and snack bars are included in this distinctive gift box. Vivani chocolate bar, Booja Booja organic truffles, and many more delicious sustainable brands!

The Love Chocolate and Snack Hamper Gift Box is perfect for a well deserved cosy and romantic night after the whirlwind wedding day has come to an end!

Love Heart Trinket Dish

Looking for a little extra gift that's just as thoughtful? This Love Heart Trinket Dish made from porcelain is a wonderful present for the pair to keep their wedding and engagement rings safe.

This will serve as a beautiful reminder of their wedding date every single day of the year!

Vegan Afternoon Tea Hamper

Nothing calms the soul like a warm cup of tea, and what better present is there than a traditional afternoon tea?

Go all out with this luxuriousVegan Afternoon Tea Hamper, which includes mouth watering lemon and ginger chia biscuits, exquisite Booja Booja salted caramel chocolates, and delightful cinnamon dutch apple cake.

This vegan-friendly sustainable gift hamper is the ideal present for tea enthusiasts and the eco conscious couple! It comes packaged in our upscale gift box and even includes a miniature bottle of Bottega Gold Prosecco for that extra special touch.

Pamper Hamper Gift Box

Our vegan gift box for couples is the ideal organic and natural pampering package for both to share. Our pampering packages are exquisitely wrapped and delivered right to their home. So that they can use our specially chosen vegan, organic, and natural products to unwind, relax, and enter the pampering realm.

A gift message may be added to each Pamper Hamper to make it even more special.

Italian Prosecco and Booja Booja Gift Set

This traditional Italian semi-sparkling Prosecco is delightfully fruity with aromas of green apple, peach, and flowers. It is packaged with the best vegan truffle assortment and a gorgeous red ribbon to make the ideal celebratory gift.

Perfect for keeping the party going after the wedding!

Kabloom Birds, Bees & Butterflies Seedbom Gift Box

Eco friendly wedding gifts don't get more wholesome than this! Made from recycled materials, simply pull the pin and scatter or drop Seedboms into spaces that need some colour!

Only plants will remain once seedboms have degraded into the environment, what a thoughtful gift for a new couple which brings new life to the planet. This unique gift boasts eco-friendly materials as well as stamping out nasty carbon emissions. Go flower power!

Why give eco-friendly wedding gifts?

One benefit of purchasing eco-friendly items is that you can feel good about giving them as gifts because they were designed with the environment in mind. More often than not, they also have a backstory that adds to the gift's significance, such as being hand-made in a remote community, fair trade-certified, or crafted of recyclable materials like recycled glass or recovered wood.

Giving an eco-friendly wedding gift can be the ideal opportunity to introduce the soon-to-be newlyweds to items that may just change their attitude, even if they themselves aren't entirely on sustainability or zero-waste products.

Looking for more sustainable wedding gifts and eco-friendly ideas?

We hope our guide to sustainable wedding gifts has given you the wedding shop inspiration you were looking for!

If you need a few more ideas The Goodness Project has plenty of eco friendly vegan hampers and plastic free gifts to choose from.

Take a look at our full range of gift hampers today!

Eco friendly wedding gift FAQs

Why are eco-friendly gifts important?

Sustainable presents encourage waste reduction and a lifestyle that is kind to the environment. They can also help you in conveying your ideals and principles in a compelling manner. It is estimated that millions of tonnes of waste produced by gifting wind up in landfills.

What are green gifts?

It started with the notion of reusing the packaging used to package gifts, and it has developed into the belief that gifts themselves can be selected or made in a way that minimises their environmental and financial effect.


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