Prosecco may be just the sparkling treat you're looking forward to this summer, but is it vegan? And if not, what are the best options?

Is Prosecco Vegan? 5 Of The Best You Can Buy

So we'll take a deep-dive into prosecco's vegan status throughout the rest of this guide, alongside offering up some of our favourite vegan prosecco options for you to try this year. Cheers!

Is Prosecco Vegan?

There isn't a straight-cut answer to this question, as some prosecco options are vegan and some are not. Many types of prosecco are vegan-friendly, including options offered by Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, the Co-Op and Sainsbury’s. Whether or not a prosecco is vegan depends on how it's made and what ingredients are used during its fining process.

Unfortunately, some prosecco brands still use animal products — such as milk protein, fish oil, or egg whites — during the fining process of their production, which makes them non-vegan. 

However, don’t fear! As we mentioned, there are many vegan proseccos on the market that use alternative methods or even no fining agents at all. To be sure you're buying a vegan prosecco, look for one that is made with no animal products and has the Vegan Society stamp of approval on the label.

What is Organic Vegan Prosecco?

If you’re vegan for ethical reasons, remember that it’s not just animal products that harm the planet. Organic wines and prosecco offer the same benefits as organic foods. They're grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, which can be harmful to both humans and the environment. And they're also made without the use of additives or other chemicals. For an added ethical boost to your Prosecco, go for an organic and vegan option!

Organic wines are also usually vegan, since they're not fined with animal products like egg whites or fish oil. However, not all organic wines will be vegan-friendly, and not all vegan wines will be organic, so we recommend checking the ingredients list as usual!

The Best Vegan Prosecco To Buy in 2022 

Wild Thing Organic Prosecco

Founded in association with the Born Free Foundation, The Wild Thing wines are a new company that makes a donation for every bottle sold directly to conservation and animal welfare projects around the world. This includes their prosecco, which is 100% organic, vegan and delicious!

The Wild Thing Organic Prosecco is soft and lightly sparkling. It has soft apple and pear aromas, with a delicate, citrus fruit palate that is both refreshing and uplifting. With a handy bottle that can be resealed for convenience, this is the perfect prosecco to enjoy on picnics, days out or at home.

Plus — it’s also available in the Wild Thing Hamper for those of you looking for a bigger treat.

Giol Prosecco Frizzante

The classic, Italian Semi-sparkling Giol Prosecco Frizzante is rich with green apple, peach and floral notes. Making wines since 1427, the family estate at San Polo di Piave are experts in their field, and as their current owner, Vittorio Carraro, says: ‘experience matters’. It’s also available in a stunning Prosecco & Booja Booja Gift Set, for the perfect romantic and vegan-friendly gift.

Bottega Rose Gold Prosecco

A classically delicious fizz, the Bottega Rose Gold Prosecco, is a gorgeous sparkling rose gold prosecco with a fresh, harmonious, delicate, and persistent palette.

This is a wonderful gift on its own or would complement any of our lovely Goodness hampers. Peachy in colour, this prosecco carries distinct flowery aromas and scents including mixed berries, strawberries and currants. We recommend enjoying chilled with some fresh Italian canapés, Italian food, or delicious desserts.

With a mini bottle also available for those moments that call for a small celebration and a beautiful flowers and chocolate gift set featuring the prosecco as pictured below, there’s a sweet treat for everyone.

Col di Manza Biodynamic Prosecco

For a truly outstanding, award-winning vegan prosecco, try the Col di Manza Biodynamic Prosecco. The wonderfully crisp, clean Prosecco produced from grapes that have been selected and cultivated biodynamically in the Col di Manza hills is officially known as 'extra dry,' although just a tip, this level is actually less dry than a 'brut'.

A light-to-medium-bodied white wine with floral scents and tastes of ripe apples and citrus, as well as honey and mineral undertones, this prosecco is perfect as an aperitif or served with light vegan snacks such as nuts or olives.

Bottega Gold Prosecco

Established in 1977 by Aldo Bottega, Bottega was formed by a master distiller with more than 30 years of experience in this sector. Bottega inherited the family business from his grandfather, who was a skillful wine merchant during the 20s, along with a deep passion for the world of wines.

A true classic, the Bottega Gold Prosecco is the perfect option this summer. This spectacular sparkling wine may be served as an aperitif, with a tasty vegan entree, or at parties.

Plus, with its eye-catching bottle, it makes a prestigious gift for any occasion. On top of this, it's also available in a handy mini bottle, perfect for travel and sunny afternoons in the park!

Vegan-Friendly Prosecco FAQs

Is there a vegan prosecco?

Absolutely! There are many different types of vegan prosecco, wine and fizz available on the market. You can find them in most supermarkets and online retailers, or within our list of favourites highlighted above.

Does vegan prosecco taste different? 

Not at all! You'll still get that delicious, crisp and bubbly taste that you love, without any of the animal products. As animal products are usually used as part of the fining process but don't make it into the final product, the taste should not be affected too drastically, if at all. Other vegan-friendly alternatives to finings can provide the same results without using any animal products.

Is all organic wine vegan?

Unfortunately not. Even though organic wines don't use animal products in the fining process, some may still contain small traces of milk protein, fish oil or egg whites. Always check the ingredients list to be sure.

How do I find vegan prosecco? 

The best place to start is by looking for the Vegan Society's logo on the label. This guarantees that no animal products have been used in the product, from production all the way through to packaging. You can also check out our list of favourites above, all of which are vegan-friendly.

Is Freixenet prosecco vegan?

Mostly. A statement from the company in November 2021 read: "Currently all of the Freixenet products are vegan, excluding the 0.0% range. However, this will become vegan with a relaunch in 2022." So, for those of you looking for alcoholic vegan prosecco, Freixenet could be a good option! For the 0.0% alcohol-free range, keep checking the ingredients list for now.

Are there any other vegan sparkling wines?

If you fancy some alternative vegan wine, say a sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio, or rose wine, then there are numerous options for you to try. Find a delicious range of other wines and vegan alcohol on our site today.

Is Champagne vegan?

Like most sparkling wine, whether or not Champagne is vegan will depend on the specific fining agents used. In general, Champagne is fined using bentonite clay, which is vegan. However, some producers may still use animal-derived fining agents such as milk protein or egg whites. As always, be sure to check the ingredients list before purchasing.

Looking For More Vegan Alcohol, Snacks, or Gifts?

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