There is nothing that makes a house feel more like a home than packing it full of the people we cherish and everyday items that reveal the meticulous craftsmanship behind them. These companies are setting the bar for creating expertly crafted home goods with inspiration from around the world.

8 Sustainable Home Decor Ideas & Brands To Shop

Each of these businesses is dedicated to supporting artisan communities and engaging in ethical product sourcing and eco friendly production.

The majority of us engage in minor, routine behaviours motivated by a desire to live more sustainably. We recycle and reuse, steer clear of plastic packaging, raise our own vegetables, and commute by bicycle. 

Change really does start at home, and while it can occasionally be challenging to perceive the effects of individual action, it is the accumulation of these little efforts that build up.

There are many minor adjustments we can make to decorate more sustainably if we take a closer look at our immediate surroundings, particularly the spaces in which we spend an increasing amount of time.

Take a look at our favourite sustainable home decor ideas crafted from natural materials which can help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle whilst making your home look gorgeous too!

8 home decor ideas using sustainable materials

Dried flower arrangements

The Floriette Dried Wildflower Bouquet is made of 100% natural, biodegradable materials, making it excellent for the environment. Fresh cut flowers that have just been harvested need constant cooling and watering, whereas our dried flowers only need to be trimmed by hand and hung on farm stillages. They also consume a lot fewer resources than fresh blossoms, which are far more transient than dried flowers.

Dried flowers are a wonderful-smelling, thoughtful present that is significantly better for the environment because they don't wilt or need any water. Choose a dried flower alternative to fresh cut flowers or house plants for your next floral arrangement to make a statement.

Eco friendly candles

Is there a more relaxing way to make a room feel warm and inviting than with a candle? A warm golden hue, the delicate, swaying shadows, the enticing scents.

You won't run the risk of being exposed to possibly toxic chemicals if you use natural candles like The Goodness Project Wild Fig & Grape Candle.

Since traditional paraffin wax is made from petroleum, it may contain a number of poisons, carcinogens, and air pollutants. Using organic waxes made from non toxic materials, such as soy, beeswax or plant wax, is an eco friendly way to prevent exposure to harmful pollutants.


Making use of indoor plants is one of the top eco-friendly home design ideas.

We are all aware of the importance of plants to our ecosystem. In addition to improving air quality and removing some indoor contaminants, plants also help us feel more connected to nature and are better for our health.

Even in a compact area, you can produce herbs that you can use in your kitchen as decor.

Today, plants are the main emphasis of interior design since they breathe life into your home's dark spaces. You can therefore brighten up your home if you can use the open area there for gardening and attractive interior planting. Indoor plants and flowers, with their ability to improve air quality and create a stronger connection to nature, are one of the top eco-friendly home decor ideas that can truly transform your living spaces.

Eco friendly lighting

For an elegant and beautiful interior design, good lighting is crucial. 

The best green lighting practices involve the use of dimmers, bulbs, and recyclable lighting. 

Currently, flute wall lights, solar bamboo string lights, and ceiling pendant lamps have become popular for an appealing decor. Therefore, installing these lighting fixtures can help save electricity costs while also preserving the beauty of your surroundings.


Natural clay and other readily available raw materials are used to make ceramics opposed to synthetic materials. Because of this, their manufacture does not necessitate the use of any other natural resources, such as trees. Given this, pottery significantly aids in preserving forests and landscapes all around the world.

Additionally, ceramics and pottery require less transportation. In this sense, virtually everywhere in the world can provide the pottery clay required to create ceramics. This lessens the requirement for international transportation.

Everyone's home will be brightened by the lovely pink rose flower ceramic.

Use them as paperweights, tabletop ornaments, or to add more colour and texture to a plant arrangement.

It is a true miniature piece of art with remarkable attention to detail.

Minimalist style

Interiors with a minimalist appearance are unquestionably one of the more environmentally friendly design trends. Any interior design style can benefit from the minimalist approach, which also lessens your carbon footprint. You can make your home more sustainable as well as more ergonomic and conscious by simplifying and purging! Less production occurs when there are fewer goods, which lessens the environmental damage. Less is more, always!

Try putting this into practice with the All You Need is Less: Minimalist Living for Maximum Happiness pocket book!

Filled with practical tips and ideas on how to minimise clutter and shop home decor made from recycled materials and finding top quality pre loved furniture.

Find Reclaimed Wood Decor

Stick with reclaimed wood whether you want to replace your flooring, enhance your cabinets, or find carved decor items. Unlike purchasing anything new created from recently felled, oxygen-supplying trees, it is recycled and doesn't harm the environment to use in your home.

Reclaimed wood is ideal for current interior design trends like bedroom doors in the traditional style of a barn or floating shelves in a living room or office.

Metal home accessories

For a variety of reasons, metals and homeware made from reclaimed materials are more environmentally friendly than plastic. Plastic is poisonous and pollutes the environment as it slowly breaks down. Additionally, it doesn't completely disappear; rather, it transforms into ubiquitous microplastics.

The Vintage Metal Afternoon Tea Sign is fun, quirky and completely plastic-free and eco friendly! A great reminder to relax and make yourself a cup of tea!

Looking for more environmentally friendly and sustainable products?

The Goodness Project is committed to using sustainable materials in all of its products.

We make every effort to guarantee that our selection of ethically sourced products is environmentally friendly from manufacturing to delivery, from eco-friendly packaging to collaborating with carriers who have the lowest carbon footprint in the UK.

For you to use for yourself or to give as gifts to loved ones, we have a variety of wonderful everyday eco-friendly products.

Did you know that we also carry lovely vegan and eco-friendly bath and skincare products?

Discover our Full Eco-Friendly & Plastic-Free Range Today!

Why shop eco friendly home decor?

Enhancing indoor air quality and minimising the environmental impact and carbon footprint of furniture and décor purchases are the main goals of eco-friendly interior design. As a result, they assist in reducing environmental air pollution and the likelihood of health issues.

Selecting goods that are manufactured responsibly, especially those that draw design inspiration from natural elements, can enhance your sense of wellness. There is mounting evidence that being in nature—both actively and passively—has positive psychological, emotional, and social effects.

Supporting sustainable decor enterprises can help them expand to larger markets and have a greater impact on society as a whole.

Sustainable home decor ideas FAQs

What is eco-friendly interior design?

Interior design that is eco-friendly or sustainable makes a concerted effort to lessen how much of an influence humans have on the environment. Utilising natural, non-toxic, and recycled materials and finishes (for example, sustainably sourced wood or reclaimed hardwood) that enhance indoor air quality can be one way to do this.

How can I make my couch eco-friendly?

The best sustainable furniture choices are created from recycled items like reclaimed wood, recycled plastics and reused materials like wooden pallets. Additionally, natural materials like bamboo, rattan and seagrasses are excellent materials for furniture and home decor.

How can I decorate my house sustainably?

Finding handmade textiles and accessories is one of the simplest ways to create a more environmentally friendly house. Products made with traditional techniques, particularly those that still call for human hands, are less harmful to the environment and can help artisan communities. 


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