This month it’s National Tequila Day on the 24th July, yes you heard right, it is a thing! Tequila like many spirit drinks is gaining popularity amongst us as we seek out craft alternatives that have great provenance and are made with love and care. Don Julio is an excellent example and as a company, Don Julio has a pretty interesting history.  

Tequila Time at TGP

Founded in 1942, the first tequila from Don Julio was anything but premium. In fact in the 1940’s tequila was a really unpalatable  product, and 95% of tequila was sold in bulk. Founder Don Julio wanted to give higher quality tequila to friends and family so he put it in bottles, and so began a fantastic journey to a premium bottled spirit.  

In 1985 Don Julio suffered a severe stroke but in 1987 he returned and his family threw him a huge party. Instead of the traditional tall wine-like tequila bottles, Don Julio’s family wanted tequila bottles that were short enough so people could see each other across the table. Out of this came the short squat bottles which are now very closely associated with this premium tequila.

We love the fact that this tequila is vegan-friendly, no worms here, and we were delighted when our friends at Diageo asked us if we would like to stock it this summer! With so much to celebrate; football, weather, it was a simple yes!

We plumped for the Blanco made with 100% Blue Agave,  which has all the right elements. It has a sweet start with savory notes,then citrus notes with a smooth finish. It is wonderful for cocktails, take a look at our hamper box, although we think it’s smooth enough to enjoy neat!

donjuliowithlimesdon julio hamper

If that isn’t enough we are giving away a hamper later this month to celebrate National Tequila Day, so look out for the giveaway post on Facebook.





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