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Posted by Anna Szanto

A Meaty Subject

We will be celebrating Father’s Day later this month and it got me thinking about how men feel about veganism. I think there is a general preconception and very much outdated concept of meat being linked with masculinity. Meat eating it would seem is still seen very much as a part of a man’s identity. The Vegan Society's survey on this made interesting reading with 63 percent of people who identified as vegan being female, while only 37 percent were male. And this year for Veganuary just 14% of men took up the challenge, this was, however, a 4% rise on the previous year, so not all doom and gloom.
Posted by Anna Szanto

Let's go Veggie!

This month it’s National Vegetarian Week 14-20th May, so I thought it would be good to share some tips on ways to change your lifestyle, whether that be reducing your meat consumption or fully committing to a change of diet. I think for most of us choosing a vegetarian diet and lifestyle is because of a strong belief that is the right thing to do. Changing your lifestyle to accommodate someone else's views will be harder to achieve without your reason why!  For me reading and understanding is the first port of call and there are some great resources out there that will support your decision, try The Vegetarian Society .
Posted by Anna Szanto

Baileys Almande is back!

Yasssss! We are full of spring feels this month and to make things even better we have had a lovely big delivery of Baileys Almande! We couldn’t believe the response to its launch before Christmas and we know how much you are all loving it, so our lovely friends over at Baileys HQ have sorted us out with a lovely big stock!
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