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We’re recently been crunching the numbers and found that Aldi is the UK’s most Googled supermarket for Vegan food.

Analysing Google search data from the past 2 years we wanted to discover what vegan ranges are being searched for the most out of the UK's top supermarkets

Aldi is the 'most popular supermarket for vegan food' according to Google

Aldi places first as the most searched for supermarket when it comes to vegan food with an average of 2,900 searches a month.

The search term “Aldi vegan” receives on average 500 more queries per month than second-placed supermarket Tesco with 2,400 searches. Aldi on average receives three times as many searches as those in last place (Iceland & Co-op)

According to the research, joint last place was Iceland and Co-op with 880 average searches per month.

Table shows - supermarket; Avg. Monthly Searches

aldi vegan - 2,900 

tesco vegan - 2,400 

sainsburys vegan - 1,900 

lidl vegan - 1,900 

asda vegan - 1,900 

waitrose vegan - 1,600 

morrisons vegan - 1,600 

m&s vegan - 1,000 

iceland vegan - 880 

co op vegan - 880 

Veganuary is expected to drive up to a 56% increase in searches for Vegan Ranges

With Veganuary in action once again these supermarkets can expect an increase in search demand based on the research, Aldi for example can expect to receive over 6,000 searches in January, whilst Tesco can expect around 4,000.

If we compare what search volume was recorded in January 2021 vs the average we can see some clear spikes in demand for vegan food.

With Veganuary becoming more and more popular each year we may expect this increase to be even more in 2022. 

Our vegan marketplace is also the perfect place to look for healthy vegan snacks and food. Or check out our vegan gifts, or vegan hampers if you're looking for a present for the vegan in your life.

Data has been taken from Google Keyword Planner for the past 2 years. This is independent research using data from 3rd party tools and The Goodness Project are not associated with any brands mentioned.


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