Remember our spring blog when we jumped for joy over the lovely big delivery from Baileys HQ of Baileys Almande?

Well, we bring bad news.

Unfortunately, it seems that Baileys Almande has been discontinued as of autumn 2021.

There's currently no way to buy it on the Baileys website, and even online superstores Amazon and Ocado show no option to purchase.

Baileys Almande is gone? Here are some alternatives.

We're hoping that this is a temporary measure as Baileys switch their focus to regular Baileys for the festive season, or even a sign that they might be making another perfect dairy free indulgence and bringing out a brand new vegan friendly Baileys.

We didn't want to leave you on a low note as we gear up for the festive season though, so in the meantime, we've compiled a list of some delicious vegan friendly Baileys almande alternatives.

Baileys almande alternatives

Licor 43 Horchata 

Licor 43 Horchata is a delicious blend of Mediterranean flavours including real vanilla, tiger nuts, citrus fruits and spices. Best of all, it's made from almond milk so it's a perfect dairy free vegan treat. 

This light creamy liqueur is inspired by a classic horchata recipe from Valencia, but Licor 43 have added a mouthwatering twist by taking sweet citrusy flavours straight from Mediterranean influences to create a truly delicious blend.

With a spiced chai latte like feel, this dairy free alcoholic drink has a nutty twist, light creaminess, and blends well in a delicious vegan hot chocolate, or is perfect to be enjoyed on the rocks!

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Almondaire Almond-Based Creme Liqueur

Almondaire Almond-Based Creme Liqueur is the closest thing to Baileys Almande without actually being vegan Baileys.

This alcoholic almond drink has won multiple awards, has a delicious almond and vanilla flavour, and is the perfect vegan friendly Baileys Almande alternative. 

The almond essence is present throughout each mouthful which is full-bodied, yet light and creamy enough to leave you wanting another sip. Warming hints of vanilla and cocoa make this another prime candidate for an indulgent vegan hot chocolate  too.

Perhaps the only downside to Almondaire's light and alcoholic almond drink is that there's no ingredients list. If we had to guess we'd say that sweet almond oil, cane sugar, real vanilla flavouring, and an Irish whiskey would be on there somewhere, but without an ingredient statement it's hard to say conclusively - which could pose a problem for those with unique allergies or on special diets.

Despite this, the drink is definitely dairy free and suitable for vegans so it has the go ahead from us.

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Besos de Oro

Besos de Oro are a vegan brand who have both UK and Spainish heritage! This vegan Baileys alternative was founded by Durham County resident Peter Smith when he was on holiday in Spain with his wife, who was following doctor's orders to only consume one alcoholic drink per day. In his attempts to make a brandy drink last longer for her, Peter mixed it with the delicious blend of horchata and neither could believe how much it looked and tasted like vegan Baileys!

Besos de Oro translates to "kisses of gold" and has stayed loyal to its original recipe by making a perfect dairy-free indulgence from brandy and tigernuts. It offers two flavour variations: classic, and a chocolate option.

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Marks & Spencer Chocolate and Coconut Cream Liqueur

In 2017 Marks and Spencer launched a festive vegan liqueur and were overwhelmed with just how popular it proved to be! Though this specific liqueur deviates from the almond and vanilla flavour of Baileys almande, it's still well worth a mention.

Produced over in Northern Ireland and made with traditional Irish whiskey, this dairy free vegan Baileys alternative is made from purified water, cane sugar, coconut milk instead of almond milk, and features a chocolate cream flavour instead of a vanilla flavour. 

Some reviewers have compared it directly to vegan friendly Baileys almande, whilst others have said that it tastes even better and combines a light creaminess with a sumptuous chocolate twist. One thing's for sure, the indulgence in this particular bottle will pair perfectly with a delicious vegan hot chocolate!

Your own home-made Vegan Baileys Alternative

Don't panic! We know that at this stage you're probably thinking that you won't have the time or knowledge to be able to make your own dairy free Baileys alternative but we promise that the below recipe can be done in minutes, and doesn't need a mixologist degree!

This recipe for vegan Baileys style Irish cream whiskey takes a few minutes, maximum. The only ingredients you need are: 

  • Coconut cream (or almond milk)
  • Maple syrup
  • Vanilla extract (or real vanilla if you have it)
  • Cocoa powder
  • Irish whiskey

If you, your family or friends are alcohol free, just leave out the whiskey for a non-alcoholic mix that can be added to vegan hot chocolate.

Thanks go to Vegan in the Freezer for this great recipe.

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And there you have it!

Though we'll all be missing the sweet almond and vanilla flavour of Baileys Almande this festive season, all is not lost. The above vegan Baileys alternatives provide great dairy-free treats that can be added to desserts and drinks to truly indulge your visitors.

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