How to create a vegan Sunday roast that's bound to impress

Posted by Anna Szanto

This month we are very happy to announce that we have a guest blog post from our friends over at Stoves! If Veganuary has left you wanting more, then Stoves have put together the ultimate vegan Sunday roast for you to follow!

Say Hello to Katie!

With veganism set to become an even more popular lifestyle choice in 2019, now's the ideal time to perfect your vegan Sunday roast. Here, Katie Georgeson, from kitchen appliance manufacturer Stoves, shares some great advice for those looking to impress with their dinner.

When it comes to classic British meals, the Sunday roast is a real staple. However, with a very meat-heavy reputation, it's not the dish that immediately springs to mind when you think of vegan recipes.

Below, I've put together some of my favourite ideas for serving up a sublime vegan Sunday dinner that's sure to impress your friends and family.

Knock up some tasty vegan gravy

Gravy is an essential part of any Sunday roast, and it's possible to make a vegan version that will go very nicely with your vegetables.

I like to fry up some onions and garlic with vegan butter, then add a little coconut milk and flour to give the mixture some substance. This can then be added to your veggie stock for whisking and boiling. If it suits your taste, you can also add some extra salt and pepper for seasoning.

Choose a magnificent meat-free main

There are a variety of meat-free alternatives for a vegan Sunday dinner, and this is where I like to get creative. Big, juicy portobello mushrooms are a favourite of mine, and you can prepare them in a few different ways, including baking them alongside a cranberry and pistachio stuffing or by searing them and cooking them in a pot roast with vegetables and broth.

Nutty about Nut Roasts?

The Goodness Project sells a delicious Artisan Grains Cashew & Cranberry Nut Roast! If you’re after a tasty Nut Roast mix, then all you have to do is add water and bake in the recyclable oven tray provided!

Prepare those vegan Yorkshire puddings

Where would a traditional roast be without the perfect Yorkshire pudding? Simply put: they're the most important trimming for any Sunday dinner. And, it's entirely possible to make a delicious vegan alternative.

The secret is swapping that traditional fat for vegan-friendly white fat, such as vegetable shortening, a vegan alternative to lard that is made from hydrogenated vegetable oils. I make sure the oven is really hot so that the fat is sizzling, then add a thoroughly whisked mixture of flour, salt, egg substitute, and soya milk to create the ideal batter for those puds.

If you’re at work and are now finding it hard to concentrate, then you’re not alone! I know what I will be cooking this weekend.

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