It feels good to redecorate once in a while. When everything remains the same for a long about of time it’s pretty easy to get tired of it. 

So today, I thought it would be nice to share some fun ways to redecorate your space without harming the environment. There’s plenty of ways to cozy up your home in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. We also have a range of eco gift boxes if you wish to send one of these as a nice house warming gift to friends or family. Or read this if you need some more eco friendly gift ideas.

5 ways to cozy up your home in an eco-friendly way

Be kind to the planet the next time you’re revamping your living space and follow these tips!

Our 5 tips to cozy up your home in an eco-friendly way:

1. Choose vintage

Next time you’re thinking of purchasing a new drawer for your bedroom, head over to eBay or look for some furniture in your local second hand, charity, or vintage stores. Purchasing pre-loved furniture is an eco-friendly way to get some new decor for your home without doing any damage to the planet. Plus, vintage shops are great for finding unique quality items for cheap!

2. Purchase some plants

Adding plants to your space is a simple and stylish way to cozy up your home. Plants will provide more oxygen in your home and fill your space with fresh air. Add a houseplant in every room or plant some Kabloom Seedbooms, like some Forget-me-nots to attract butterflies to your garden!

3. Donate or sell old items

Donate or sell your items when you need to get rid of them. Chances are someone else will find value in them and they won’t end up in the landfill. Besides, you might even make some money off the sale! Donating or selling your old items is an eco-friendly and ethical way to get rid of things you no longer want.

4. Purchase from sustainable brands

When you have to purchase new things to cozy up your home, do so by purchasing from sustainable brands. Invest in sturdy, plastic-free high-quality items that you will be able to use for years to come and avoid buying cheap low-quality items made at the expense of harming our planet. Our luxury eco candles by Elm Rd are perfect to set the mood for a quiet evening at home.

5. Refurnish your space

Sometimes all that’s necessary to cozy up your home is a little refurnishing. Move around some plants, change up the pillows, Invest in a Pooley bud vase, or a Jewellery dish to place on top of your favorite vintage drawer. You don’t have to re-decorate your entire space to get some change. Sometimes, less is more.

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