Winter is approaching and with it, so is everyone’s favourite season of joy and merriment.

20 Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020

Christmas is a time for giving, but sometimes it can be difficult to know just what to get to please everyone. You may have gluten-free or vegan friends or family members, and you also may want to buy a gift that isn’t harming the planet.

To help make your task of finding presents a bit easier, we’ve compiled a guide to serve as your own personal shopper. We’ve rounded up luxurious ideas, purely vegan and eco friendly ideas as well as exciting and original stocking fillers, so you’re bound to find something for everyone.

Now, pop your favourite Christmas song on and let’s get started.

Luxury Gifts

We all know someone who likes the finer things in life, so our luxury section gives everyone a festive slice of the good life.

We all know someone who likes the finer things in life, so our luxury section gives everyone a festive slice of the good life.


1.    Baileys Almande Hamper

Baileys has always been top of everyone’s Christmas tipple list, and now there’s a dairy free option for the free-from and vegan members of the family or your friends to enjoy.


How do you make a dairy free Baileys option even better? Why, by combining it with melt in the mouth Booja Booja chocolate truffles, decadent sweet almond biscuits and flavoursome dark chocolate entwined with cranberry.

Presented in a luxury magnetic gift box with high quality tissue paper and fine ribbon, this hamper is designed to wow its recipient.


2.   The Fabulous Artisan Goodness Hamper

With a name like Fabulous Artisan, you know that this hamper will impress the recipient before they’ve even set eyes on its contents.


Full to bursting with quality products including rich drinking chocolate, crumbly cookies, a mouthwatering truffle selection from Booja Booja and savoury choices like smooth and succulent Greek olives, plus a luxury selection of organic red and white wine this is the hamper for the true luxury lover in your life.


3.   Luxury Champagne Fleury Blanc De Noirs and Truffles Gift Box

What do you get when you combine a multi-award winning biodynamic, vegan champagne and luxurious vegan truffles, all presented in a wooden pine box? You get a gift fit for a luxury connoisseur of course.


AOC Champagne Fleury Blanc de Noirs is a bold and bready Champagne originating from the south of the Champagne region. Its crisp and refreshing raspberry flavour sets it up perfectly for a pairing alongside the three delicious flavours, Chia Seed and Lime, Maqui Berry, Baobab and Vanilla of vegan Sweet Virtues truffles. We guarantee it’ll be one of the most mouth watering gifts you can give this Christmas.


4.   Luxury Champagne Moët and Truffles Gift Set

Whilst we’re on the topic of champagne and truffles, it would be foolish of us to miss out including this luxurious, match made in heaven pairing.


Moët & Chandon is one of the world's largest, and most famous champagne producers. Harnessing vibrant, bright and fruity tastes, this variation of Moët’s signature champagne contains tasting notes of bright green apple and elegant white flowers.

How do you enhance that experience? By adding the finest selection of Booja Booja Truffles. This particular gift box comes with Almond Salted Caramel, Raspberry and of course, Fine de Champagne flavours. If you have one each of these indulgently rich, entirely vegan and organic truffles alongside a glass, we can’t blame you.


5.   Luxury Superfood Hamper

We all indulge over Christmas, but we also all know someone who’s back in the gym on the 27th of December. If you know someone who likes the finer things, but also in a healthy moderation: We bring you the best of both worlds.


This Luxury Superfood Power Hamper contains the very best, high-quality superfoods from around the world.

Including guilt free and raw organic chocolate delights, energising superfood powders to power that first gym session back. Plus, healthy premium oils to complement those slimmed down meals making this the perfect gift for the luxury healthy foodie.

Entirely Vegan Gifts

Cruelty-free, organic and vegan foods and products are soaring in popularity. Each year more items are being produced that help more consumers make purchasing choices that align with their values. So whilst we could list a plethora of awesome vegan Christmas gifts, we’ve condensed them to our favourite five.


1.   The Wonderful Snackaholic Vegan Christmas Hamper

Just like Christmas songs are essential to the Christmas atmosphere, Christmas food is essential to the foodies among us - even those who are gluten free, free-from, or vegan.


So this year, we made our vegan Christmas hamper bigger, better, and more snackaholic heaven than ever! Featuring everything any dedicated snacker could ever need: From chocolate bars, to cookies, to praline, to truffles, to Conscious Chocolate coated brazil nuts, and even popcorn and sweets. This is most definitely a hamper that would match even the biggest wrapped box under the tree. At least it should definitely keep the Christmas snack lover you know away from your supply for a while…

2.   Williamson Tea Christmas Blend Tea Elephant Caddy

Those Christmassy winter nights are made for curling up in your favourite pair of pajamas with a steaming cup of tea. All the more if it tastes exactly like Christmas, right?

This Christmas blend from Williamson Tea is sweet fragrant tea designed to keep the body warm in those cold winter nights. The black tea used comes straight from the Williamson’s family’s own Kapchorua farm and has festive tasting notes of apple and spice. Did somebody say something about putting the kettle on?


3.   Italian Prosecco and Booja Booja Truffles Gift Set

Is it really Christmas without a little fizz and a decadent chocolate treat? We don’t think so, which is why we combined the two for this vegan friendly delicious treat.

This classic Italian Semi-sparkling Prosecco packs a deliciously fruity taste, with notes of green apple, peach and floral flavours. It is the season after all, so we accompanied that with the very best available in an entirely vegan truffle selection. Presented in a red and silver craft Prosecco box, it’s a Christmas gift designed to make any vegan in your life smile.


4.   Vegan Hot Chocolate Bombes with Mini Marshmallows

We love keeping up with the Christmas trends and this year hot chocolate bombes seem to be the in thing with both M&S and Aldi bringing out popular, non-vegan versions. We couldn’t let them have all the fun though.


Already the Winner of the Great Taste Award of 2020, this trio of vegan hot chocolate bombes are made with decadent Belgian 55% vegan dark chocolate and come with vegan mini marshmallows hidden inside!

Simply pour over your favourite hot milk alternative and watch the chocolate melt. The perfect indulgent treat for those cold winter nights.


5.   Go Vegan Wheat Panettone with Vegan Chocolate

Once Panettone starts popping up on the supermarket shelves, you know Christmas is just around the corner. However most supermarket brands contain non-vegan friendly chocolate or baking ingredients. Ours changes that.


Originally the centrepiece of Italian Christmases, Panettone is now enjoyed across the festive season in households around the world.

This vegan friendly sweet bread version is made entirely from organic wheat with natural raising agents. It’s dairy free and egg free and accompanied by vegan chocolate. Delicious.


Eco Friendly Gifts

In 2020 we’ve become more conscious of the damage greenhouse gases, emissions and failure to recycle plastics is doing to our planet than ever before. Many of us are now actively choosing to shop plastic free, or to make alternative recyclable choices with our products. Christmas shouldn’t be any different, so we’ve rounded up the 5 eco-friendly gifts you can give without feeling guilty.


1.   Yellow Linen Wheat Bag

You’ve got the tea, or the hot chocolate, you’ve got your favourite pajamas, or dressing gown.. Now all you’re missing is the hot water bottle.

Introducing: The wheat bag. Wheat bags are now being viewed as the holistic and organic alternative to hot water bottles.

Hot water bottles are predominantly made of rubber, and whilst efforts have been taken to ensure it is now recyclable rubber that goes into making the products, some are still unable to be fully recycled. With the wheat bag, that worry is removed.

This mustard yellow wheat bag by Blasta Henriet is made entirely from soft linen material. By nature wheat bags are designed to be able to reach all the way around the neck and body, soothing tense muscles and keeping us warm.

Heatable in the microwave or oven, the inner bag is divided into 6 sections to prevent the wheat from falling to one side. You can even add your favorite scents to it and it comes in plastic-free packaging with suggested areas of use. Perfect for either you or the person you know that’s always cold.


2.   Doves Stainless Steel Water Bottle

In an attempt to curb the plastic intake, environmental bodies are now suggesting that we use reusable water bottles and cups wherever possible. So what better than a bottle made entirely from recyclable stainless steel?

This Folk Doves Stainless Steel Water Bottle features an eye catching design adorned with Scandinavian folk art-inspired Folk Doves. The bottle itself keeps your drinks hot for 12 hours, and cool for 24!

It’s the perfect all year round multi-functional alternative to the winter thermos flasks or your favorite coffee brands throwaway cup.

3.   Kavita Eco Necklace

Everyone loves some bling at Christmas, and what better way to spoil someone than with some eco friendly jewellery?

The Kavita necklace is handmade and created from sterling silver. The production and sourcing of materials is entirely ethical, fair trade and sustainably sourced. Its interlocking design symbolises an everlasting and unbroken bond or a forever linked, forever loved charm.

It's a touching gift for those we share an unbreakable bond with: From mothers and daughters, to best friends or lovers, the symbolisation simply means "together forever". A charming gift, bound to delight.


4.   Navy Linen Eye Pillow

Usually Christmas is a time for being with the ones we love, and taking some well needed rest. What better way to aid that rest and recuperation by refreshing tired eyes than with an eye pillow.

By their nature eye pillows are designed to block out natural light and soothe tired eyes. They can be used either in the day or at night time, or even during a yoga session when one may be in a heightened state of relaxation. The perfect gift for the Christmas Day dinner chef, or even for yourself to aid your rest in preparation


5.   Freedom Aromatherapy Vegan Candle

After the Christmas celebrations we all turn our attention to the New Year. Often we try to go into the next year with much more clarity and a better understanding of what we’d like to achieve in the year ahead. To do that, we try to make a quiet space with a peaceful atmosphere. Enter: Candles.

ELM RD. candles are 100% vegan friendly. They combine rapeseed and soy wax for a clean and long-lasting burn, and the wick is wooden to make it recyclable. Most importantly they entwine 8 natural and pure essential oils to help refresh and rejuvenate.

Eucalyptus oils facilitate breathing, helping to clear the mind, improve concentration and loosen tight muscles and joints. Basil combats fatigue, anxiety and depression. Lavender aids relaxation and restful sleep. Guaiacwood distresses and relaxes, making it a favourite for meditation and grounding practices.

Cedarwood calms, comforts in order to release tension and ease lethargy. Finally, lemon energises and uplifts, stimulating the circulation to aid detoxification and clear the mind. All of that relaxation, topped off in one eco-friendly candle.


Stocking Filler Gifts

Stocking fillers are the small gifts that can end up as the perfect present. Whether they’re novelty, small, or useful, we’ve got a variety of them made to delight even the most difficult to shop for.

1.   Mini Christmas Joy Chocolate Vegan Gift Box

Made to fit perfectly into a stocking, our Mini Christmas Joy Vegan Gift Box is the dairy free, free-from and vegan equivalent of the traditional chocolate selection box.

Presented in red tissue paper, our tasty vegan gift box contains a host of sweet treats.

You'll find the following in this tasty little treat box:

  • Divine Smooth Dark with Clementine Chocolate,
  • Vivani Organic Nougat chocolate bar
  • decadent Booja Booja Organic Almond & Salted Caramel Truffles
  • Hazelnut Praline chocolate bar
  • Creative Nature Brilliant Cacao Orange Gnawbles.

It’s the perfect box to get stuck into across the Christmas period.


2.   Noveltea Alcoholic Tea

What do you get the tea lover in your life that has everything? You get them tea infused with a touch of Christmas festivity, of course.

With their innovative alcoholic tea drink (yes, really!) Noveltea promises to whisk you and your taste buds away to “vibrant cultures in far off climes”.

In this trio pack you can experience the Tale of Oolong laced with whiskey, the Tale of Earl Grey perfectly intertwined with the crispness of gin and the Tale of Moroccan Mint intertwined with warm, soothing rum.

Novelteas, well, teas, are flying off the shelves this Christmas so keep an eye on your cuppa over the festive season!


3.   Lavera Fruity Freshness Body Wash Gift Set

Come on, is it really Christmas if nobody receives a body wash gift set?

Lavera’s Fruity Freshness body set is entirely vegan, made of entirely natural and organically sourced essential oils. Fresh and Fruity High Vitality and Fresh and Zesty Happy Freshness body washes are made to revive and invigorate your senses.

The vegan formulation cleanses your skin in a velvety soft lather, leaving it feeling clean without drying it out. A perfect gift for pampering either yourself, or your family and friends.


4.   Recycled Butterfly Bag

The perfect small gift for the shopper in your life who is either already eco-friendly, or who wants to be more conscious going into the New Year.

This pretty, eco-friendly shopping bag is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. With a height of 40cm and length of 34cm it’s perfect as a day to day shopping essential, and as the days get warmer it’ll double up perfectly as a beach bag. Foldable for easy storage and so you can slip it into a stocking.

5.   Monty Bojangles Xmas Cocoa Nibs Truffles

The festive season always brings with it special editions of our favourite sweet treats, and vegan chocolatier Monty Bojangles is no different.

A perfect decadent stocking filler treat, these Cocoa Nib Vegan Truffles are dusted with the very finest French cocoa. Presented in a limited edition gift box, they make the already great tasting Monty Bojangles truffle look and feel even better.





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