January Peakz!

We can’t believe how fast January is flying by! For those of you who read our last blog then you will know all about Veganuary. If you’ve decided to take up the challenge we would love to hear how you’re getting on. Drop us a message or tag us in a post on any of our social media channels and let us know your fave vegan treats!

January Peakz!

Now we’ve reached the peak of January we have an exciting new collaboration to share with you! We have teamed up with our friends over at Peakz to offer you a deliciously tantalising giveaway! That’s right! If you want to be in with a chance of winning some of their luxurious snacks then make sure you head on over to our Instagram page @thegoodnessprj to enter!

peakz giveaway win

Want to know more? We have four quick-fire questions to give you all the answers that you need.


Peakz was founded by Aalya and Linnea, who were very passionate and outgoing about creating a project that would have a positive lasting effect on the consumer, as well as the environment that surrounds them. After moving to the UK, Linnea met Aalya, a fellow food fanatic, and after many taste testings in her kitchen, experimentation, product development, and deliberation, Peakz was born.


Their delicious snack uses dark chocolate, instead of milk chocolate, and has wholegrain cereal at its core. It is a perfect snack for young and old and it can be it anywhere on the go! Whether you’re at the cinema, in the office, out with friends or feeling peckish for a midnight snack! You can choose from a variety of different flavours including chocolate orange, salted caramel and berry chocolate - YUM.


If you’re desperate to get your hands on these tasty treats then you can find a list of their stockists here. Look out for them on our online Shop and our Subscription Boxes, too.


Peakz isn’t just about making a deliciously healthy vegan snack. It’s about much more than that. With ethics at the core of their brand, their aim is to pledge 2p of their profits from each bag sold to be donated to saving animals that are facing severe changes to their habitats as a result of climate change and global warming by 2019. Finally, by 2019, they want all of their packaging to be completely biodegradable and to have zero landfill contribution.

Help Peakz to achieve their goals by indulging in their snacks!




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